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I know how this universe works.

I know how dimensions work.

I know how time works and how light is its opposite.

I know how light is generated by using vortex math.

I know how time is generated using Fibonacci (which is simply a different way to count).

I know why time and light were created so that matter and choice have a place.

I know what fear is and where it exists.

I know why we are here.

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Lets dive in!

What is your favorite language/form of communication to learn about the universe? Math?

Oh a fantastic question! First off thank you for the kind words. : )

My favorite method to understand the universe is through patterns. The Golden Ratio, Pi, Fibonacci, and prime numbers. The more patterns I see, the more confirmation I have that this design works exactly as it should.


Share knowledge about subconscious mind, where it exists and how to know we are contacting with our subconscious mind(Any method).


The subconscious mind is the brain. Logic and imagination.

When you use both your left and right mind at the same time you connect to the consciousness which is the mind itself.

If your body does not function, your mind still will.

You are a mind, brain, and body triad. : )


My understanding of dimensions has shifted. I see no definitive thresholds, though this way of describing it helped me realize more. The way I experience what the concept of dimensions point to, is like 12 initiatory levels of self-awareness, plus the heart center as 13, one octave higher.

My question for you is, does this idea align with your own knowing?


Many people think there are 12 dimensions, 13 dimensions, or more based on some information they learned, such as 13 months, or 13 shapes on a turtle's shell, or 12 zodiacs, etc.

There are only two dimensions you can experience in the 3D.

3rd and 4th. The fifth has nothing to do with individuality, and anything beyond that is not something that will benefit you here.

The 3rd was designed at the same time as the 4th.

The glue that holds the 3rd together is choice.

The glue that holds the 4th together is time.

Without time, there is no choice to be had.

Once you master the 3rd and 4th density or dimension, the rest will be revealed next.

Trying to understand beyond the 4th without learning the 4th is like trying to play baseball without a ball, bat, or bases. Yes, it's possible to create concepts, but when the ball, bat, and bases are included, it makes much more sense. : )


How do you you explain fate and destiny?


Wonderful question!

Fate and destiny are starting points.

You begin this life linked to another counterpoint, and that creates a track. This will generate a feeling of always being guided or that you're on the "right path," but that track was only created for the unaware.

Once you become aware of your life, your energy, and your choices, you can change the track. You can get off the track and explore, or you can ride that track and see where it takes you.

Freedom of choice is the key here. Once you become aware of the power of choice, you can change anything. : )


Power of choice is undeniable... whereas when it comes to understanding the universal forces upon us - example: astrology there are patterns as well. So the main track stays the same... If someone is fated to experience this or that, those big events don't change. How do you explain this understanding from your approach?


The path remains constant because a foundation was needed first.

If someone chooses not to alter their path, it will unfold as intended until it reaches its conclusion.

However, if someone opts to modify their path, they can. Through awareness, you learn to construct a new path. The more it's built on kindness and the aim to avoid collisions, the more wholesome, joy, and guided your journey becomes.

When you decide to redirect your path and it intersects with another's, that moment becomes a chance to learn and improve for the next time.

The gentler your path, the more seamlessly you live, as if life was always meant to be this fulfilling.

Initially, one becomes conscious of their own path.

Next, one acknowledges the paths of others.

Eventually, one realizes there are no 'others' every path is, in essence, you.


When someone has disappointed you over and over, how do you give the pain and anger to universe?

Thank you by the way. I believe if I get over this. I can live my best life and stop blocking my Blessings.


When someone lets you down over and over, how do you let go of the hurt and pain?

First off, I'm sorry that you have been hurt and in pain over this situation you are dealing with.

The truth is when someone lets you down once, it's a mistake.

When someone lets you down twice, it's a possibility.

When someone lets you down three times, it's a pattern.

The problem is, it's not the person who is to change the pattern. The unaware don't see patterns; that's the whole point.

Once you see a pattern you are not okay with, it's only up to you to change it. Asking someone to change a pattern they do not see is like asking someone to go through a door they cannot see.

You clearly see the pattern, and if you were truly honest with yourself, you saw the pattern long before it got to this point.

So first, you have to find out why you kept buying a ticket to the circus even though you knew the clowns would act like clowns. Once you answer that question.

Then you can start to release the anger and pain.


Tell me something about the moon?....


Sure thing!

The moon is a reflective creation. The moon allows for ultraviolet light to bathe the Earth without harming those living under it. Most nocturnal animals use ultraviolet rays; in fact, it would be brighter at night than during the day for humans if we could see in ultraviolet.

The moon is pivotal to understanding reflection, and the first reflection was in water. This is why the moon is directly linked to our bodies of water.


Hi Devon, when dealing with numbers and base numbers, how does one deal with decimal points? Thank You


That's a great question!

Decimal points represent cycles within cycles. By applying decimal points to your alignments, you can discover truths in numbers that unveil information.

Knowledge emerges from the successful application of information through experience.

Mathematical patterns either propel you to the next step or halt, necessitating the discovery of the subsequent step.

I seldom use decimals, much like I avoid traditional math for pattern finding, because cycles within cycles can easily lead to confusion.

In contrast, prime numbers are discernible through everything.


What about the Law of Attraction ?


Excellent question! The law of attraction is indeed powerful, but often it's not fully explained.

This law suggests that similar energies attract each other. Therefore, maintaining positivity can lead to positive outcomes.

A crucial, often overlooked aspect is the necessity for authenticity in your vibrations.

The universe is sensitive to your vibrations. Repeatedly declaring a desire for a million dollars may not resonate as truthful with the universe.

Desiring a million dollars isn't the true need, the true need is what that illusion does to your life. People want to learn to live happy and healthy with a thousand dollars more a month, or double, or triple. Each step is knowledge gained.

If managing $5,000 a month is challenging, handling a million dollars would be even more so.

The universe responds to your vibrations. Unless your positive feelings and truthful patterns align, the universe tends to respond to what it perceives most strongly, which is often "not what you're asking for."


What is your attitude to the notion of sin and repentance ?


Another great question!

Sin and repentance. Sin is any action done in unawareness. Yet if it's done in unawareness, then the person is not aware they are doing it.

Therefore, when one does illuminate their life, they are the only ones who judge their actions. Until they learn to forgive themselves and thus forgive others, they will feel the pressure of the unawareness.

One cannot become unaware after they become aware of a topic, but one can fear they can. That fear leads people to judge the speed one should apply when letting go of negativity.

There is no sin, for every act in unawareness is just that, unaware.

There is no need for repentance because the only person you hurt was yourself and other versions of yourself.

Once you are aware of this, you can begin to let go.

You can do this here in the 3D or later in the 4D. The choice, as always, is yours. : )


Hi Devon, Why are we here?


A wonderful question!

We are here in the 3D to have experiences because it is only in the 3D that we have physicality.

It's only in the 3D that you can taste pizza, hold someone's hand, smell freshly baked cookies, see shapes we've never seen before, and hear music.

In the 4D is metaphysicality, which means you can relive it but you can't experience it. The 3D is vital for our afterlife.

We are here to experience, but most importantly, we are here to experience with each other. Without another, we cannot have an experience; we can only have concepts.


Devon and we are here to learn to do no harm. Only when we are no longer capable of doing harm, may we ascend further. We are here to struggle and seek like a river toward the ocean.


That's one viewpoint indeed, but it is not the viewpoint I live by.

You are not here to learn kindness because if one stopped trying to learn or reach a certain point of kindness, one would realize they are already kind. : )

Struggling is part of the design for the unaware, not the aware. Struggling is just a vantage point of experiencing something we do not understand. The more we understand, the less we struggle.


I thoroughly enjoy reading all your posts! You are the kind of person I would love to have coffee and pick your awesome brain for hours! Your knowledge is enlightening! I respect your opinions and your answers. Please tell me your thoughts on Genesis account of creation and how long the earth has actually been here. Also, why are we here??


What I meant to say was why did God create mankind?


First off, thank you for your supportive and kind words!

Oh, Genesis, I could talk for days about Genesis. We could discuss the gematria of the starting phrase "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" in Hebrew, which is 2,701.

2,701 is made of 37 times 73. Where 37 represents matter, and 73 represents metaphysical matter.

We could discuss how the spirit hovered over the waters but could not see itself in the reflection because there was no light. So God created light, which for the first time gave God a reflection or something to compare to.

We could discuss the phrase "in the beginning" in English, which is 137. The same number that represents choice and the moment of choice in both the Kabbalah as well as science.

God created mankind because God cannot be everything and experience itself. You cannot live here in this life and truly know you and another are one or you stop having your own experiences.

You are here to have your own experiences, so you must have a slight illusion that you are separate from all, the same way God has the slight illusion that what God creates isn't one with God.

This separation was created by creating free will. : )


It's interesting that you included " moved upon the face of the waters" because I almost included that in my question. Is it true that the earth has been here for billions of years and that God keeps creating new life on the earth? Is Genesis the account of the beginning of the Jewish race? I was told this by someone and it sounds accurate. Thoughts?


The original realm of Earth is 13.7 billion years old.

That's why when you bond with light and apply light into your life you are connecting to the original realm of Earth itself which was created with light.

That's also why we say the universe is 13.7 billion years old, because the original Earth is the universe.

In other words the original Earth is like DOS on a computer, it's the system underneath the system, underneath the system.


How do you bond with light in a meaningful way of practice?


You bond with light the same way you bond with dogs. You start by wanting to connect to it, wanting to understand it, and wanting it to understand you.

Once your authenticity is felt through a vibration, it will choose to bond with you.

When the bond is established, now it's about using it. Call in light when you are scared, call in light when you are lost, call in light when you seek illumination or understanding.


What is your opinion on aliens? The government is now admitting they are real.


Great questions! Aliens are not from the future but the past. We are not the first society to create a simulation. Many cultures have reached the level of how to move into the 4D from the 3D.

When a "traveler" comes back into the 3D, we call them aliens, but they are just different simulation beings.

All travelers are more aware than the global consciousness of the time they are in.

Think of it like going back to kindergarten with everything you know now. You will do very well and you can navigate with ease, but that doesn't mean you have all the answers, or will always demonstrate kindness. Everyone moves in and out of awareness.

But aliens, HEBs, Travelers, they are always more aware.

That's why all movies show them as lesser beings because the writers can't comprehend the truth of higher awareness without being it themselves.


Why do you think the aliens are showing themselves to us? What is their purpose here? Some people theorize they live in our oceans.


Because HEBS or highly evolved beings help raise awareness but they must do it by following three guides.

1. They must be kind.

2. They must be neutral.

3. They must work within the law of free will.


Are archons energy harvest real? Heard the archon grid that binds energetically on earth realm has fallen recently, is that true? Who's is Demuirge? Was there a bet between Demuirge and the creator on how this earth matrix realm will progress or end? What about SP and NPC context? Its ratio and its inter connectedness?


Those are deep questions, so I will answer them as kindly as I can.

First and foremost, no, there is no harvesting of your body or blood. There is a system, and a system that works by using your charge. You are like a battery, but not the battery that was shown in the Matrix.

That is an illusion created to generate fear because energy is required for this quantum grid to function. If one is in fear, they will supply light, and if one is in love, they will supply energy.

There is nothing that is greater than the creator. There is no devil, no demons, no darkness that will ever outshine the original light, whether we call that sunlight or the beginning light.

Fear does not exist outside the 3D, so anything you fear here means nothing outside of here. It doesn't exist in the 4D or your afterlife. So we have unlimited options of fear we can choose, or unlimited options of love we can choose.

NPCs do not exist the way people think they do. NPC stands for not conscious, or better said, unaware. Unaware players matter, as we all start unaware. So no, there are no soulless beings or NPCs. There are those who are aware or unaware.

Everyone is always one step away from being aware. : )


How does our mind energy work? In terms of achieving anything in life Thank you


Great questions!

Your mind works hand in hand with your brain. Your brain is both logical and imaginative. When you find a healthy balance between your imagination and your mind, you create a vibration that generates a space for creation.

To achieve the things you want in this life, you have to first start creating bonds with things you cannot see. You can bond with energy to understand money, you can bond with food to understand nutrition, you can bond with light to illuminate more in your life.

When you finally bond with time, you will understand how time works. Once you understand how time works, you will understand that your mind is designed to connect to time because time is metaphysical, and so is your mind.

When the body is no longer physical, your mind still exists.

We are a three-part being: Mind, Brain, and Body. : )


What are your thoughts on God being found in the 1st dimension. Rather than the idea of having to travel to the 5th and beyond. Are we looking at this upside down?


Great question!

God exists in 1D but cannot be experienced in 1D because nothing in 1D can separate itself from the unity of all to be experienced as separate from anything else. Nothing can be aware of anything in 1D because all is truly one.

2D was a duplication of 1D with a slight variation. 2D holds polarity, but nothing in 2D can be experienced because there's no observer in 2D; there are only the two options of polarity.

That is why 3D is vital; it's the space that allows an observer of the polarity and oneness.


¿How can I find what my divine purpose is in this lifetime?


Great question, this life isn't about finding your purpose as much as creating one. If you find a path you are drawn to, add love, balance, trust, and appreciation to that path, and you'll reveal where that path is leading you.

Everyone can do everything, but not everyone loves everything.


I have followed you from the beginning and your kindness is extraordinary- thank you. How do you explain deja vu?


Thank you kindly for your support! : )

Deja vu is indeed a fascinating subject! It's when you recall something you've experienced in this life.

Consider this: if someone is 30 years old, they've lived for 262,400 hours. On average, a person can remember about 300 hours of their life, which is quite a small fraction. That leaves 272,100 hours of experiences or moments that have slipped from memory.

Deja vu occurs when you encounter a situation in your lifetime for the second time.


Pls explain for me as this is what I call deja vu.

I experience it many times at dif times. For eg. 4 years ago I arrived at a new hospitality property. As I was working, I found myself in a guest bathroom .as I touched the towel railing the feeling of being there and doin the exact same thing before washed over me. All the details and movements repeated exactly.

What is this experience? I've never been at that property before. It was brand new. It feels to me like I have dreamed that experience many years before that "deja vu".

This happens to me regularly and I always feel like it wasa memory in my dreams many years ago


Epic experience!

You don't have to be at the same location to experience déjà vu; you just need the same experience. Déjà vu is all about experience.

Déjà vu is a tool for awareness; it's used to draw your attention into the present moment. : )


Devon , if by chance you are still on , what's your advise on the zodiac signs? Thank you

Wondering if the zodiac is connected to us and if they have hidden messages in them.


Anything you can find a pattern in, you can use as a tool.

Zodiacs are connected to the Fibonacci sequence, time, energy, and matter. So yes, minerals linked to each zodiac can significantly aid in healing.

However, as with everything, you need enough information to apply it to your life. Once you do, it will be your experience that validates its truth, not someone else's concept.

The zodiacs are linked to the moon as well. The great Precession of the Equinox is 25,920 years, divided by 12 zodiacs, resulting in 2,160 years per zodiac, or 2,160 hours per zodiac, which is exactly 1.5 days.

I love aligning my life with the zodiacs.


Any advise for Capricorn in these coming times?


Stay healthy physically and metaphysically.

Below you'll see the minerals that will help you specifically due to the zodiac stars in the sky when you were born.

For Capricorn, the associated mineral cell salt is calcium phosphate. This salt is used for strengthening bones, aiding calcium absorption, and helping with injury recovery. It is particularly relevant as Capricorn rules the skeletal structure, including bones, joints, knees, and teeth which essentially make up the framework of the body.


So, the ultimate question - „there is no greater love, than to give life for friends”, so, we should accept the gospel, count the cost, to be saved - What is your opinion about it ?


The greatest love you can give another isn't to die for them, but to live for them.


Could clear me about the reencarnation. Gracias


Reincarnation is a very expansive topic. What exactly would you like to know, my friend?

How thruth its that when we transitioned and havent completed the mission on earth we will return to complete or finish the mission.

Or when we transitioned we have a choice to return or reicarnate in something different that human or to Just not reicarnate.

Thank you

There are no missions on Earth. If you zoom out of Earth, Earth functions flawlessly. It's only when we have an individual agenda that we feel it's damaged in some way.

You are here to do two things: co-create what you want to experience and then experience it! : )

The more you understand the universal laws here, the more you enjoy living.

Reincarnation isn't a punishment; it's an opportunity, when and only if you want to return to the 3D. There is no forcing or going against free will.


You say you know how "this" universe you understand how everything is light, including us, and "something" keeps us individual while separate, and that "something " is a sentient light inside of us all?


let's clarify a few things. : )

Everything isn't light; everything is time. The totality of all times constitutes the universe.

The totality of all bonds forms the essence of God/source/Creator.

Time and light are opposites. If all that exists is time, it can't be verified without light. Thus, light was created to observe time, and without time, light cannot be observed.

Yes, everything is sentient and aware, including the photon of light.


Even if I went through one hell of a "spirtual awakening" and now shell-shocked for life.

Please, Explain the occult, witches, dieties, and why humans pray if we aren't light entities trying to manipulate light over a period of "the travel of light" (ie. time.)


Great question! The occult, witches, deities, and prayer are all forms of communication.

Light isn't the ultimate goal of communication, my friend; sound is. But even sound can be reduced to vibration.

There is only one thing required to "feel," and that is to have something denser than the vibration, and that's why you have a body or skin. It prevents things from entering your body and thus sends a vibration to alert you.

Light is simply an expression of energy and the opposite of time.

Any act of manipulation will lead to frustration until one understands that there is no manipulating, there is only collaborating.


The occult, witches and dieties are forms of communication? What does that mean, these are nouns.


What I mean by they are communication is they are tools used to communicate, just like language, math, science, and religion.

Communication goes deeper than just sound; it's about vibration.

Pulses require movement, so separating stillness, vibrating, and pulsing might not be necessary.

There might be some confusion about what light is and what are illusions of light. Politicians don't manipulate truth; they amplify their version of truth above others.

You can't lie to the universe; you can only find a truth that renders others obsolete.

Seeing your focus on light, let's explore your theory.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless, and the spirit hovered over the waters.

Then God said, "Let there be light." This was when God saw a reflection. Light is needed for reflection, not for navigation.

Trusting your energy can take you further than trusting light.

The reason the opposite of light is time is because without time, no light can be seen, and without light, no time can be experienced.

You don't exist as something to be experienced without time and light, and you don't exist at all without time.


Is there anything big scheduled to happen in the next 10 years?


There are many things coming and you wont have to wait for ten years. We are shifting into a new frequency (simulation)

To name a few:

We are going to be communicating directly with animals very soon.

Healing will no longer be through institutions.

Time travel and more importantly light travel will become an option.


Answer this question: Why is God so ilusive? Why does he give people like you the “awakening” and the rest nothing. So trying to find answers and always running into people like you and following their advice that never work makes everyone who makes claims like you BS or maybe jealousy. So where is God? Wait, he’s everywhere in everything or we are God same BS different person.


Why do you think God is elusive? That's like a fish stating that water needs to show up.

If a fish suddenly saw water, it would instantly suffocate because it wouldn't see a space that wasn't filled.

The same way, if we saw energy, it would suffocate us because we wouldn't see the space for oxygen.

Would you get upset at Leonardo da Vinci for being able to paint, or Beethoven for playing music? Why be upset at me for understanding how this universe works?

I think you misunderstood my story. I didn't get this handed to me; I had to study, meditate, trust, and apply this information.

Knowledge is not just data; knowledge is the successful application of information through experience.

You can't just read about things and know; you have to apply it to your life. : )

Your question is, why isn't God sharing this with everyone? God is, but maybe not everyone is listening.

Free will is the glue that keeps this universe together in the 3D. So, as much as I'm sure God wishes God could just force you to listen, that would be to go against free will.

So, instead, God will wait for when the signal is clear. Once it's clear, God is always there. Everyone is always just one step away from more awareness. 

I understand you are upset, but you're directing your anger at the wrong people. You can't place that much on another human. That anger belongs to one being and one being only: God.

God can handle your anger and frustration, so instead of being upset at the people doing the best they can, place that anger at God. God created this design; God created your original track. That's what you're upset at, and that's okay.

Place it at God, and you'll be amazed how the next moment you'll feel better. Because you've been carrying this weight around with you.

Trust me, God can handle your feelings about the design, and once you realize that, you can release some of that anger. Next thing you know you'll find yourself receiving those messages you were upset others were receiving. : )


In my understanding, you have “ascended”, in other words, recognized your True Light through NDE.

Then you descended and, bringing that new light with you, are now able to perceive the world within the Divine Mind and express it in your own unique way.

What are your thoughts about ascension and the basic ways to achieve it voluntarily? Or what can you advise people who want to find their true light? Because i think this part is mostly overlooked.


It's all about starting with an open heart and mind, ready to see the world in new ways. That's why I say "change the way you look at the world by 90° and the world you look at changes."

Think of it as stepping into a new adventure, where every part of you, your body, your brain, and your mind get to play a part.

Know thy self, you are worthy of all the good things; love, joy, abundance. It's not just about believing it, but really feeling it deep down. And trust, trust in yourself, trust in the universe, and believe in the endless possibilities that life offers.

Understanding how the universe works, like how your thoughts and vibrations can ripple out and make a difference, that's a big piece of the puzzle.

Also, it's about facing those inner challenges, the doubts and fears that hold you back, and working through them. Understanding what fear truly is allows one to use the pressure in a positive way.

Kindness and forgiveness, they're key. Letting go of core memories that hold us back and being kind to yourself and others, that changes everything. And remember, we're all connected in this epic design. What you do, how you live, it matters.

So, live mindfully, with kindness and awareness. And embrace your own journey, because it's yours alone, filled with your own experiences and lessons. It's about growing in love and connection with everything around you. Just like we're talking now, it's about sharing, understanding, and bonding.

The quickest path to elevation isn't to elevate yourself but to help another rise. : )


Devon  thank you. i love everything you said except it comes up to me as part of the descent. It all just happens when you have the light already. “Seek first the kingdom (source of divine light) and His righteousness (our inheritance) and all these things shall be added.”

You talked about in your nde experience how you were in darkness before it happened. And you transformed after the mystical experience. So i think the tricky part is how to find and recognize that light, maybe through an other-worldly experience? Silence? Stillness? Egodeath? Surrender? I’m looking for something less vague for the other person.


Devon or maybe the ascent and descent aren’t properly distinguished - is the main reason why people are confused about spirituality?


Here's a step-by-step guide I give my students to expand their awareness with compassion.

1. Identify Three People You Judge: Start by thinking about three people in your life, or even public figures, or groups whom you find yourself judging in some way. This could be due to their actions, beliefs, or behaviors that you disagree with or find challenging.

2. Write Down Their Names: Make a list of these three individuals or groups. Write their names down on a piece of paper or in a journal.

3. Reflect on Your Judgments: Take a moment to reflect on why you judge each of these individuals or groups. What specifically about their actions, beliefs, or behaviors triggers this judgment in you?

4. Choose the Least Judged Person: From your list, select the person you feel you judge the least. This might be the individual whose actions or behaviors you find somewhat understandable or less problematic compared to the others.

5. Seek to Understand Them: Spend some time trying to understand this person more deeply. Consider their background, circumstances, experiences, and challenges that may have shaped their actions or beliefs. You might want to read about them, think from their perspective, or even talk to them if possible and appropriate.

6. Show Compassion: As you learn more about this person, consciously try to show compassion. Remind yourself that everyone has their own struggles and stories, and that understanding and empathy can be more powerful than judgment.

7. Reflect on Your Feelings: After this exercise, take some time to reflect on how trying to understand and show compassion towards this person made you feel. Did it change your perspective? Did you feel more at peace or connected?

8. Repeat the Exercise: If you found this exercise beneficial, consider repeating it with the other people on your list or with new individuals in the future.

This exercise is not just about reducing judgment towards others; it's also about cultivating compassion and understanding, which can lead to a greater sense of connection and inner peace.

My list:

My Father

Tom Brady


Understanding is not condoning. To no longer judge is to understand, but to no longer desire to judge is to love.


Devon thank you for the elaborate answer. More power and inspiration to you


wow!! You just basically wrote down exactly what I have intuitively done in the last week but my work was only on one person, I didn’t write it down but I completed the exercise and even got out of it why… and drum roll…. It was because he was showing me something that I needed to heal in myself & then I did even more work & saw that came from my childhood & realised that he was just the same as me…. I don’t know if that made it easier to forgive him for he knows not what he does or that the release (crying) gave me the permission to forgive myself - anyway it was AMAZING!!!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom my friend


I know I am super late but I’m on a different time zone!

What are your thoughts on death? Should we go towards the light that beckons us with love or turn around to the universe and take our own path and hopefully bypass the cycles of reincarnation?


That's okay, that is why I left it up for those in different time zones. : )

Death is simply a state of being that we strive to understand. Just as when you are in your afterlife, life will be a state of being you strive to understand, until you do.

Free will always be the glue that holds everything together, but when you die, you will have your questions answered, and you understand there is no going back the way you were taught.

There also is no forced reincarnation; you return if and when you desire to, no sooner. : )

Time is just a bit different outside the 3D, so it's hard to explain, but "Conversations with God" did a good job of explaining this: "Only those alive mourn death." It's truly not what people think it is; it's a design that is absolutely flawless and handled with care.


Great post. First time I have come across you, and I find the example you set inspiring. Can you please tell me what you think about Love, and it’s role in the Universe?


First off, welcome to 9vibes : )

There are two types of love, unconditional and conditional. Unconditional love is the totality of all love; it has no barriers, no blocks, no bias.

Conditional love is what I call 'used' love. It means that you stepped out of unconditional love and are using love to gain something.

Sometimes we use conditional love to fill emptiness in our lives.

Sometimes we use conditional love to create a reflection to see who we truly are.

Either way, when you use love, it becomes conditional, but when you hold love, it has no conditions.

Think of sand in your hand; the tighter you squeeze, the more the sand slips through your fingers, but the more you trust and open your hand, the more it stays where it is.


Why does bad things happen to good people


You've touched on a profound and often pondered question: Why do bad things happen to good people?

To explore this, let's set aside our usual ways of seeing the world. It's important to understand that labeling people as "good" or "bad" is an oversimplification. Everyone is complex, like a garden where even the plants that might seem harmful can be part of healing remedies when combined correctly.

Think of each person as a unique individual, trying their best based on their understanding of the world. This understanding is shaped by countless factors; their experiences, beliefs, and the circumstances they find themselves in. In this world of over 8 billion people, each person is constantly defining what is good and bad for themselves. Sometimes, these definitions clash, leading to conflict or misunderstanding.

It's key to remember that everyone is connected to others in some way, as a family member, a friend, or a loved one. Each person is part of a bond of relationships that influence and are influenced by them. Our actions and decisions, whether seen as good or bad, are often deeply rooted in these relationships. People hurt people when they think they relationships are in danger.

When we observe just a fragment of someone's life, especially during their challenging times, it's not enough to fully understand them or label them as good or bad. If someone were to see only a difficult moment of your life, would that moment define you entirely?

In this design of human life, good people can make decisions that hurt others, or choose their close ones over others, much like anyone else might. These actions do not necessarily make them bad; they are simply human, navigating their journey with the understanding they have at that moment.

The question, then, isn't just about why bad things happen to good people. It's about recognizing that the distinction between good and bad is not always clear-cut. It's about understanding that we are all part of a complex, interconnected world where our actions and decisions are influenced by a myriad of factors.

Every person is doing their best according to their view of the world at that time. If we embrace this perspective, we open ourselves to a more compassionate and empathetic view of life, where we see the potential for good in everyone and in every situation.

This shift in perspective can lead us to a more profound understanding of our shared human experience, where good things can be recognized and appreciated in all aspects of life.


Do you see free energy devices coming from the research findings of Rodin’s Vortex math, Nassim Haramein and Jimmy Blanchette?


Great question, first those men are brilliant men who are revealing patterns and harmony in areas we haven't seen in a long time but to answer the question clearly, no, free energy isn't an option. Energy is not a toy; it's like dynamite. It can be used in awareness to ignite and change things just as much as it can be used to explode and damage things.

Tesla figured out how to use Venus to generate energy. He also knew that you cannot give energy to the unaware anymore than you give dynamite to 10-year-olds.

The reason people feel so strongly for free energy is because they know that it will never be given, only earned.

Energy is all around you, and you can tap into many levels of it, but it takes your awareness, not your mathematical or scientific skills, to use it. : )


How can I create the life I want? I feel creating the reality I want is so difficult.


That's because most people are trying to change their lives by 99% instead of focusing on 1% and allowing the universe to fill in the 99%.

Give 1% more than you give.

Be 1% more kind than you were the day before.

Be 1% better than the day before

That's it, don't try and do it all just be authentic in your 1% and you'll see change.


How do we remember what we remember?

Or did we forget?

You aren't remembering anything you are re-remembering what you already know. : )


What is fear? Where is it created? How do we vanquish it?

That's a really insightful question!

Fear is often described in many ways. Some say it's like darkness, a lack of awareness, or even sin. Others view it as the opposite of love, or as false experiences appearing real, or as too much imagination without enough experience.

But the real essence of fear is a bit different. Think of fear as pressure. When you feel pressured, it's like your quality of life gets squeezed. It's similar to how compressing a song can reduce its quality.

This pressure of fear is closely linked to time. Time, which was created in a four-dimensional space but is experienced in our three-dimensional world, brings this pressure. The more time you spend feeling unaware, the more pressure you feel.

On the other hand, using time with awareness can help lessen this pressure.

Fear isn’t something that is created; it's something we feel, and it exists mainly in our three-dimensional reality.

At the heart of fear, for everyone, are usually two concerns: the fear of not having enough time left, or the fear of facing another day. In essence, it's all connected to how we perceive and use time.


What's the hypothesis description of a subconscious and conscious mind?


The subconscious mind is the brain; it's anchored in imagination and logic. The conscious mind is the mind itself, the metaphysical energy anchored by the brain.

When the brain fires its last neuron, the brain will cease to exist, but the mind will be very much alive.


Are planetary alignments another type of religion disguised as spirituality where the gurus are just guides?


Yes, everything in this world started as an idea. You can find references to planetary alignment in ancient Indian teachings, where every moment of a planet or star directly affects your life. You can study Santos Bonacci, who teaches you about your body, minerals, and their connections to planets and stars. You can also learn about planets and zodiacs and the 12 movements of the 12 disciples or study the movements through Nikola Tesla, who had a strong connection with Venus.


There is truth in all, but not all is truth.


Is there such a thing as linear reincarnation where everything happened simultaneously?


Everything happening right now in this moment is a teaching one must understand before they can comprehend time.


Without knowing who you are not, you cannot know who you are. In other words, you must have something to compare to in order to determine its truth. So, first, you must perceive time as an illusion to finally recognize it as truth.


How do I interpret the law of cause and effect, and is this associated with karma?


Wonderful question! Cause and effect are universal; one counterpoint is connected to another, and when one moves, the other moves. Cause and effect.


Karma is not what people commonly think it is; karma is compassion. Karma is the unseen energy that embodies compassion.


If you wish to witness karma in someone's life, you will soon witness compassion as it demonstrates itself when you seek to see difficult times brighten in another's life.


Lilith energy, what should I think about it? Myth or truth?


Lilith's message carries a powerful lesson of choice. In the story of Adam and Eve, they had no choice but to be together, while Lilith had a choice and was confirmed for making it.


If true, what is the lesson in the evolution of consciousness through this symbolism?


The power of choice.


What is my answer to everything, love, joy, or peace?


My answer to everything is actually trust.


Trust in the universe, and you will witness an outcome.

Trust in your partner, and you will experience love.

Trust in your planet, and you will see nature thrive.

Trust in God, and you will understand unconditional love.

Trust in yourself, and you will perceive God.

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