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2024 9vibes 3-6-9 Calendar

Inspired by Nikola Tesla, it's designed to bring you closer to the universe's rhythms. Each day is a step towards deeper understanding and harmony. Perfect for anyone seeking a more connected life.

Get your copy below by clicking on the image and start your journey to cosmic alignment in 2024!

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Have you ever pondered the idea of a nine-day week? If we had nine days a week, we'd have 36 days a month, which totals 432 days a year. Interestingly, every five years would complete one zodiac cycle of 2,160 days. Multiply that by the 12 zodiac signs, and you arrive at the full precession of the equinox, a remarkable 25,920 years. Aligning our time in this manner is not just an exercise in numerical symmetry; it's a way to align ourselves with the grand cycles of the universe.

Enter the 9vibes calendar, an alternative that resonates with ancient wisdom and aligns with the vibrational frequencies of the cosmos. This unique calendar consists of nine days in a week, each day serving a specific purpose and aligning with the sacred numbers 3, 6, and 9, as emphasized by Nikola Tesla.

In the 9vibes calendar, every digital root 3 day is a day of amplified kindness. On these days, the focus is on embodying kindness in all interactions, creating a ripple effect that touches both ourselves and those around us.


When we reach the digital root 6 day, the emphasis shifts to the act of giving. Whether it's time, resources, or financial contributions, the sixth day urges us to open our hearts wider and extend our generosity to the world. 

Finally, the ninth days are transformative. These are the days when we elevate to our highest self. Through meditation, radiance, and conscious living, we wake up with the understanding that we are more aligned on these days than on any other. They are days dedicated to spiritual ascension and connecting with the higher frequencies of existence.


Why not explore the 9vibes calendar for yourself? It offers a rhythmic cycle that aligns with universal laws and frequencies, opening the door to a more balanced and spiritually enriched life. I'll be sharing daily updates to help guide your journey into this harmonious way of living.

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