Happy Halloween!

Did you know Halloween is connected to an energy vortex? I recently taught a class about Financial energy cycles, and on day two, I...

Ego Alchemy 1

In this replay training class, you'll learn how to transform your ego into fusion and guide yourself to self mastery at your own pace.

Quantum Computers

Conscious expanding thought: Was the first computer a quantum computer? The first computer that was created and shared with the public...


Enjoy this class as we discover the mysteries of the ruins around us, the Ouroboros, Masonry, the Sator square, and so much more!


Enjoy this class as we dive into the pattern of our reality; Fibonacci! Learn its connection to the body and our world, time, and more!


Enjoy this class as we dive into the five natural emotions, their true power in our lives, how energy becomes stagnant, and more!

Financial Flow

Enjoy this class as we dive into how money abundantly flows around us, how to build your snowball, future abundance, and much more!