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Belief Board!

A belief board is an evolved form of a vision board. While a vision board focuses on visualizing your future aspirations, a belief board centers around ingraining the belief that these aspirations are attainable. It operates on the principle that the universe communicates through signs and synchronicities, and by recognizing these, you reinforce your belief in your goals! This method is not just about setting intentions but actively engaging with and responding to the universe's cues. Your belief board will consist of personal choices and communication signals, which, when frequently encountered in daily life, will bolster your conviction and bring you closer to manifesting your goal!

Guided Steps:

  • Prepare Your Space and Mind:

  • Find a quiet, comfortable space where you can focus.

  • Clear your mind with a few deep breaths, envisioning yourself achieving your goals.

  • Gather Materials:

  • You'll need paper, pens, and any other creative materials you want to use like magazines, stickers, or photos.

  • Select Your Seven Symbols:

  • 1. A movie

  • 2. A tv show

  • 3. A song

  • 4. A number

  • 5. An amount of money

  • 6. An animal

  • 7. A phrase

  • Define Your Goal:

  • Write down a specific, achievable goal. Ensure it's something you genuinely believe is possible, as belief is the core of this exercise.

  • Identify Your 51% Milestone:

  • Determine what just-over-halfway to your goal looks like. This is a critical point where you start truly believing your goal is within reach which is just 1% beyond 50%

  • Place Your Board:

  • Position your belief board somewhere you'll see it every day, like beside your bed or on your fridge. Or you can just save this list on your phone as something you will see everyday.

Now for the fun part! You can make a belief board by writing these things down and finding images, drawing, or just leaving it in your notebook. You can also just put them in your phone as we call that a virtual belief board. Lol. Just put this somewhere you can see it, and you will remember.

What you have done is you have set up a contract with the universe, God, source, whatever you believe in. When one of these seven things shows up in a conversation, you will mentally "light" up; when two of them show up in an hour, you will "connect the dots"; but when three of them show up in a day, you will know the universe "is listening".

All that is missing from your manifesting is belief, and yet belief is not easy to attain. This method will get you one step closer to belief, which is one step closer to 51% of your goal, which is now only 49%, less than 50% away. Do you see?

You just fill this out, and then let the universal energy that is looking out for you do the rest. The universe creates and understands in the language of patterns, so it too will communicate with you the same.

  • The more of these seven lights that light up, the more you will believe, not because I told you, or because a book led you there but because these are personal to you and your life. No one knows you made this deal with the universe but you. : )

  • If you have any questions, let me know! If you want to dive deeper into this, we will as we continue. This is just the beginning of redirecting your energy to a place that can have tangible outcomes. No matter where you are in the world, from the richest to the poorest nations, this is universal for all!

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