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Throat Chakra

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What better day to speak about music than throat chakra day!
Nine is found all over in music, and here is just one example!
There are 12 notes in an octave and 12 overtones between each note; this adds to 144 spaces between each one, and since music is transcendent, we can even say there are 144 dimensions.
When you multiply 144 by the Trinity (throat chakra frequency is 741hz which is also a three), you get 432! This number is found everywhere, from the smallest living elements of nature to the largest conscious cosmos.
What you may not have known is that 432hz was the original tuning for all natural instruments. It wasn't until after world war two that 440hz became the standard for music.
You see, during the war, they used frequency warfare and tested the physical symptoms of 440hz on people. Though what they indeed found was it was far less expensive to synthesize sound than record it live. So in the late 1940s, 440hz became our standard.
Now take a look at the image I post and see that 440hz is constantly counting down.
While 432hz stays at perfect balance.
There is far more sacred geometry and numbers to be found in music!
If you find you can not speak your truth with kindness today, try simply to shift your music to a more positive flow. Listen to live music or get a frequency generator and listen to high vibe music at 432hz.
Though make no mistake, music is all around us, so just being silent enough to become aware of it is a great way to embrace throat chakra day!
Wear blue and focus on blue to not only charge your throat chakra but your thyroid as well.
Get your 9vibes aligned!

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