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Third Eye Chakra

Find your path down below.

Chakra: Third eye
Color: Indigo
Connection: Pituitary and Pineal gland
Frequency: 852hz
As your energy and light travel from your throat chakra into your third eye, you start to see things clearer.
Enlightenment is the understanding that where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. When you appreciate your life, you turn the key to the door that gives you more.
You are the only one who can turn the key in your door. Just as you are the only one who can slam it shut. The creator is only the designer of what’s on the other side.
This isn't a journey upward but a journey inward. Sacred geometry is a wonderful tool for understanding the inward journey.
The dodecahedron was known as one of the most powerful shapes because it holds the five platonic solids within it.
Seeing with your third eye isn't about seeing above but seeing through things, expanding your consciousness to shift your perspective and see another side. Just like the dice I post in my images, you can only see three sides at a time unless you "shift" your perspective.
Using your third eye works best when you learn to use your right and left eyes first. Your right eye is what you believe is right. Your left eye is what others believe is right. Find the truth between the two, and you will understand what seeing through your third eye means.
Shifting 90°
1. Choose a topic or situation you believe you are right about.
2. Ask yourself, what if I'm not right?
3. Explore the other side
(research, seek, discuss)
Now that you have more of a picture, ask yourself, Are you still right? This isn't a tool to judge but a tool to grow.
Today is about indigo!! Looking at this color helps unblock your third eye! Eating food that is indigo and dressing in this color will help as well!
Enjoy the day!
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