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Revealing nine through spirituality


Only the living can give permission to be sick

Someone asked if we can miraculously heal ourselves or others.

Miraculously heal ourselves and others? No.

Simply, yes.

5% of illness is genetic 95% is from your environment. Your environment is your perception. Your perception is your belief.

You believe you age, so your body ages.

You believe viruses are powerful, so they become powerful.

But the truth is they can only duplicate that which already exists.

Our insecurity aka fear is what keeps us in dis-ease.

Only the living can be sick, because only the living give permission.

The dead don't worry about the flu or cancer. Think about that.



Prayer and how it works

At basketball games in school, we would always pray before a game, and I never understood why because if I pray for my team, and they pray for their team, who would God help win? What algorithm does God use to answer some and not others?
It took me a while to understand that isn't how prayer works. God doesn't pick and choose who to help; God put the power within every individual to create their own experiences so that God never took away anyone's free will.
If a woman prays for her husband's health, but the husband prays to move on, God will not heal the man. That would be to go against his free will. So instead, God created within each person the capacity to be a miracle, to create and manifest what you truly seek.
"Thy kingdom of God is within you."
I'm sure you have heard this explained in many ways, but here is a new spin on using this knowledge. It's not that prayer does not work. Remember, there is truth in all, but not all is truth. It is that you can not pray for something that goes against yours or anothers free will. Instead of praying to fix or resist something, pray to have a new experience. You are the creator of your experiences and your reality which means that your demons, your ghosts, your shadow, your suffering, is yours. You created it, and so no matter how much you plead, God will never take away what you have created, so instead ask for something new. Don't judge the experience, don't resist it, don't deem it bad or good, just pray for another option.
Universal law means it's universal; it works for everyone. Can you see a better option for those asking, "why doesn't prayer work?" I can't think of a more authentic response than it doesn't work because your asking for the one thing God won't do, to take away free will to grant your prayer, even your own.


Giving is never about them

Giving is never about them; it is about you.

When you give the best you can, you only receive from the pool of all those who gave the best they could.

When you give beyond your comfort level, you receive from a pool of all those who gave from a place past their comfort level.

When you constantly give, you constantly receive.

The wealthy you see in this world didn't become wealthy without giving. This isn't about charity; this is about science. What goes up must come down. Everything in motion stays in motion. The universe doesn't care whom you give to or why you give, just that you give. Because the very act of giving is about you learning the lesson of letting go.

Understanding the science behind giving and receiving! Master this lesson, don't let it master you! - YouTube


Light and the body

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."
One way to view this is to say the single eye is the third eye. If the third eye is open and receiving light, the body will be full of light.
0 represents the oneness.
One became 1 as to experience itself.
1 became 2 by illusion to create duality light and lack of light.
The only way to experience anything at all is to have something to compare to, and without time nothing is comparable. So the illusion of time was created. Now there are three.
Past, present, and future add-in space, and you have here, there, and the distance between. This is why 0+2=3.
Light and lack of light can be described as 27 for light and 37 for lack of light. What this means is if life was a chessboard and you transformed it into a cube, it would be 4x4. (4x4=16 and 16x4=64) There are 64 squares on a chessboard.
At any given moment, you can only see three sides of 6 sided cube revealing the number 37 (refer to image). Which means 27 are hidden from you. Even though you don't see the light, it's always there; it just takes shifting your perspective.
For those who love nines like me. 37x27=999!
If 27 is light and 37 is lack of light, we can ascribe meaning to these numbers.
27 is light and appreciation.
37 is a lack of light and guilt.
When you choose appreciation over lack, you decide to see the entire chessboard. This is how you walk like Jesus, Buddha, or many others did. They walked in appreciation, which lit their third eye, which illuminated the board of life to make better choices.
This is why meditation is a key to spiritual growth.
The 64 Iching or 64 tetrahedron has 144 triangles with 180° per triangle.
144x180=25,920 total degrees.
The average human breath is 18 breaths a minute.
18x1,440 min a day = 25,920 breaths a day!
Everything is connected! In meditation, you are both conscious and unconscious aware at the same time. You are unconsciously breathing on autopilot, yet you are also aware and thankful you are breathing. This is why in meditation, things are more clear because you are using appreciation of life with breath to illuminate the lack still in your life.
Light reveals a lack of light. 1/27=0.037037037
Lack of light reveals light. 1/37=0.027027027
And together, they reveal the mathematical formula for when a wave collapses into a particle by absorbing or repelling light. 37÷27=1.37, also known as The Fine Structure Constant.


God and Life are interchangable

Life and God are interchangeable.
When you believe in life, you do believe in God.
Life is the stuff that God is.
Life is.
It has no shape.
It has no form.
It has no gender.
It has no color.
It has no fragrance.
It has no size.
It is all shapes, all forms, all colors, all sizes. It is all genders and that which is genderless.
There is nothing life creates that is not life itself.
All you see and everything around you is life expressing itself.
Life is everything; it runs in and through everything.
You are life expressing itself, and life is you, expressing itself as you.
There is not one single living being that is not an expression of life.
Even those who you consider the worst among you are an expression of life.
Now replace the word life with God.


Miracles of Jesus or hidden messages?

I believe that there is truth in all, but not all is truth. Using nine as a light, I have gone back and searched for the truth. Here is one example:
The miracle of turning water into wine.
In the Bible, there is a story of Jesus turning water into wine. Jesus went to a wedding with his mother, and they ran out of wine. His mother mentioned it to him, but he replied by saying it was not his time. His mother spoke to the servants saying, "whatever he commands, you shall do." So he commanded the servants to fill the water jugs and tip one into a cup that was to be given to the host. The host said it was the best wine he had ever had.
It doesn't seem like much from the outside but dive deeper.
The story mentioned six stone jugs that hold 20-30 gallons each.
1 galloon = 8lbs
8 x 30 = 240 lbs
240 x 6= 1,440lbs
Which if you remember, the Octahedron(air) total degrees is 1,440
The total amount of minutes in 24 hours is 1,440
So taking 1,440 minutes a day divided by 20 gallons is 72.
Seventy-two hours is three days.
3 is a powerful number in the Bible and often used when talking about Jesus.
I would love to hear people's feedback just know I'm not for or against Jesus. I wasn't there when he lived; I go off the knowledge from the different sources. This isn't a religious post, nor an anti-religious one.


Trick to get what the universe promised you!

I live this!

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