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"I was struggling to reach my goals until I found Devon. He has been a great help, and I'm now on track to achieving my goals. Highly recommend!"

Danielle W.


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Are you looking for a breakthrough in your life? Are you seeking answers to some of life’s most difficult questions? If so, then I have the perfect solution for you! 

My Breakthrough Sessions offer one-on-one guidance on a variety of topics. From numbers and mathematics to spiritual guidance, to areokentics, energy/ego work, and much more, I have something for everyone. 

Not only that, but I offer my packages in two convenient payments, making it easier to get the help you need. Plus, my friendly and knowledgeable approach will make the experience more enjoyable. 

In my Breakthrough Sessions, I can help you get the answers to questions such as: how can I tap into an energy source to better my life? How can I use sacred geometry to improve my life? What Bible passages can I use to get spiritual guidance? How can quantum science help me achieve my goals? 

I can also offer insights into cosmic knowledge, such as aliens, the afterlife, positive and negative energy, and astrology. I’ll even provide personalized guided healing with frequencies, herbs, and energy. 

If you’re looking for a breakthrough in your life, don’t hesitate to book one of my Breakthrough Sessions. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results!

Breakthrough Sessions

1 Hour Session

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