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Sacral Chakra

Find your path down below.

Color orange
Enjoy orange-colored fruits and veggies
Listen and charge your water to 417hz
Chakras are vortices.
They receive energy through thought and emotion.
When you focus on a thought or emotion, you stop the vortex from spinning in a state of awareness so you can hold it in place.
We are told we live in a dualistic world, also known as a binary world—a world of dual options where something is either on or off.
Yet you do not have to live in this world any longer. You do not have to turn things on or off; you can let them flow naturally.
When something inspiring or positive comes up, use this knowledge to stop it consciously and choose that thought or emotion. Slow time down.
If it is not inspiring or positive, simply allow it to enter and allow it to be sent out. Use time as a tool to move on to the next experience, thought, or emotion.
The more you resist a thought, the stronger it grows.
Because the more you resist, the more your still thinking about it. The more you think about it, the more it manifests.
The universe does not respond to what you don't want, only to what you do want.
The universe doesn't understand lyrics, only vibration.
We are in a quantum world now.
No longer 1 and 0 but 3,6, or 9!
Get your 9vibes aligned!

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