Frequency and Vibration

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Today isn't a chakra but is just as important. Every day up till this point has been about working with energy within yourself and shifting your frequency. Day eight is about movement and vibration.
Just like Harry Potter had a wand, mosses had a staff, and Anakin had a Lightsaber, it is about what's in your hand.
Your hands are one of the most powerful gifts you have. Without your hands, it is challenging (not impossible) to nteract with your environment. If you desire to heal, before you get crystals, or tools, learn to heal with your hands. If you want to move water, wind, fire, and earth, you need to first value what your hands are capable of.
Everything in this realm is made of patterns and codes. Understanding these patterns isn't about taking down the system; it is about learning how it works, so you can finally work with it.
Circular motion is a key in getting things to respond to you. Clockwise adds time; it is why nothing is more damaging to your ability of patience than to watch the clock tick.
Counterclockwise is not only the most natural pattern in nature, but it is the motion that moves into time, allowing you to plant seeds of healing, seeds growth, and seeds of love. I will post more about this today.
Not only do your hands hold power, but your feet do as well. Your feet allow you the ability of movement, and movement is truly everything in this 3D life. Without your ability to interact all life is a concept.
When a baby begins to roll, the next step we encourage is walking. Crawling is not universal but the desire to walk is. We encourage those we love to keep moving because movement creates vibration, and vibration is a key in this life.
Today we focus on one frequency, 432hz!
What's in your hand?
Get your nine vibes aligned!