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Solar Plexus

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Love to kick off five day with charged water!
Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
Frequency: 528hz
Directly connected to your digestive system.
All your life, you have been eating in a state of unawareness, unconsciously putting things into your body. Today is the day you start consciously putting things in. For those of you who read my post on activating the DNA, here is where you can apply it.
It does not matter what you eat. I know that is a hard thing for people to hear, but as with all things in this life, it is never about what you do; it is about what you are aware you are doing.
When you begin working with energy, you will see a system of intelligence that exists beyond your five senses.
Just as a fish moves through the water, never seeing the water, so too do you move through an energy all around you that you do not see.
The biggest mistake that science made was to start a journey outside its self to understand its self. Seeing yourself as the most intelligent species removed all ability to learn from that which does not seem intelligent.
Appreciation is the key to everything, including what you eat. There are animals, plants, and molecules that understand that to give its life for you is to be in alignment with the universe.
Think of Yoda from Star Wars. He never died; he offered his life so that his energy could go back into the force.
All you need to do today is appreciate the offering of whatever you eat. You did not end its life, but you can embrace it with a thought or more (powerful) word of thank you. That is it!
Ninety percent of people struggle with digestive problems such as Crohns, IBS-C and D, Acid Reflux, and Chronic Nausea.
Each of these leads you to have a psychological response like depression, panic, anxiety, or phobias.
They can give you meds to combat the physical illness, but if you keep eating the same things, they don't work.
They can give you meds to mitigate the emotional responses, but without teaching you why you have them, you create a lifelong relationship with these medicines.
I offer neither of those solutions. I offer you a universal solution. Appreciate what you put into your body. Remember, there is a designer out there that didn't just design you but designed it all. Humble yourself and appreciate the gift.
Prayer makes the mistake of thanking the designer, leaving out all the conscious designs.
If the only person who receives appreciation is the boss, a team falls apart quickly.
A very awesome doctor Dr. Emoto has done great work showing you that water holds memory and retains emotions in its shape and crystals. One moment of appreciation from you changes that water not only for you but for all who drink it.
One moment of appreciation directly affects the water in your cells as well and shifts them into proteins shapes to unlock your DNA!
The higher you vibe, the more you light up, the more you light up, the more light there is in your body for your RNA to scan healthy, whole, complete blueprints to heal!
The Kingdom is within you!
Charge your water to 528hz for only 27 minutes today and feel the difference!
Get your 9vibes aligned!

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