Root Chakra

Find your path down below.

When you look in a mirror, you see a solid picture, yet under that layer is a layer of cells. Underneath those cells are atoms of carbon that are made up of electrons, protons, and neutrons moving at such a speed that they travel the cosmos and return in enough time for you to witness its solidness with your eyes.
It is moving at a particular time, speed, and pattern that creates you as the thing called (input your name)
So you are like magic. You are moving and not moving at the same time.
Which is the illusion?
The oneness and the stillness of yourself or the separateness and moving of your parts?
Life is a series of microparticles and incredibly rapid movement.
From a conscious macro perspective, there is no separation.
From a macro vantage point, you would see all the parts as a whole. Imagine viewing the earth from the distance of the sun.
From a conscious micro vantage point, you would see everything separated and moving at incredible speeds. Repeating the same patterns over and over to produce the pattern that makes it look unified.
This is key to understanding your root chakra. Your root chakra has the longest wavelength frequency, the slowest speed, and the least amount of energy. Any patterns repeated at the root of who you are producing the illusion of what you see.
Today is about changing those repeating patterns starting at a micro-level.
- charge your water to 396hz
- listen to frequency 396hz
- focus on the color red today
- energize your chakra by eating red fruits and vegetables
- grab something red to wear to charge both your and another's root chakra
Once you change at a micro level, the projection of how you see yourself and how others see you will change as well!
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