What is the greatest gift you can give another?


I have created nine hints to guide the seeker.

This ancient riddle once realized, changes you instantly.

The answer is a two-word phrase, and once these two words are said, it unlocks a lock within your mind shifting your perspective.

Only 1% of the world, both past and present know the answer to the riddle.

Once you see it, it cannot be unseen, but to see it takes seeing beyond what you cannot see.

This is referred to as the 137 alpha riddle because it collapses the wave function in your mind to accept a truth older than humans.

You cannot buy the answer, and I cannot give it away.

If you answer it correctly, I will post a WOW by the answer; if you answer incorrectly, I will love the comment as to let every seeker know if their guess is correct.

Get your 9vibes aligned, and don't give up!

This riddle is a key that unlocks a thought within your mind you locked away years ago.
The greatest path to knowledge is one's own choice to learn. The reason that school fails in this department is that they force you to learn, and knowledge can not be forced.
The first part of this riddle adventure leads you down a path of all answers you already know.
The second part of this riddle adventure takes you to places you didn't know; as you come up with more possible answers.
The third part of this riddle reverts you back to what you always already knew deep within.
You do not have to pay anything. You do not have to give anything to solve this riddle. You don't even have to play. : ) but if you do press play on this riddle, understand this isn't about hiding knowledge, it's about inspiring innovative thought.
Hint#5 posted.
Get your 9vibes aligned!


The keys to self Mastery

This requires no charge only energy.

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