Available Classes

Ehance your knowledge and learn to apply it to life!

Energy Training Class

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Grasp the magic of the number nine!

Explore your inner mirror systems.

Understand and unite the ego and soul.

Learn techniques to collaborate with your body.

Practice daily activities to charge and clear your chakras.

Master the alignment of nine in your life

Two weeks, three classes a week, one hour a class.

Take advantage of one on one personal tutoring.

 Live training via zoom

Interactive google classroom environment with learning materials, assignments, and more!

Access to custom made slide shows and 9vibes ebook

Sign up now! Only 18 spots available! Message me to reserve your spot!

Sigil Magic Intro

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Learn an ancient pattern found everywhere in nature.

Discover how this pattern works and how to apply it to your life!

Unearth how this pattern uses sacred geometry to manifest time.

Reveal the chakra frequencies hidden within, and align your life with this magical flow of numbers to create your reality!

This three-day course starts at the beginning of March!

Sign-up is now up! Only 18 spots are available!

Comment below or message me directly to reserve your spot!

    Breakthrough sessions



    One-hour dedicated sessions to breaking through whatever energy is holding you back.

    The purpose of these sessions is to create a custom plan for your life and implement 9vibes related teachings and lessons to your day to day life! 

    Get your 9vibes aligned!