Can you see the patterns?

Can you see it?

Music 12 notes in a octave 12 overtones between each note = 144 dimensions (states of being) 144x3= 432hz 144x180= 25,920

Shapes Triangle(180°)= trinity Square(90°)= masculine Sphere(360°)= feminine (We have five platonic solids but one that is made up of them all.) Dodecahedron= Aether 6,480° 540°x12(faces)= 6,480 144x180= 25,920

Body 7 chakras Root= 4 petals Sacral= 6 petals Solar Plexus= 10 petals Heart= 12 petals Throat= 16 petals Third eye= 96 petals (4 times the chakras below) = 144 Crown= 1,000 petals (1,000 times the ones before) = 144,000

Breathing 18 breaths a minute 18x360 minutes= 6,480 breaths 18x1,440= 25,920

Geometry 64 Tetrahedron 3D Made up of 144 triangles (Casts a shadow of the flower of life) 144x180°= 25,920

You can't have hindsight till you start remembering who you are. You can't remember who you are till you stop telling yourself who you are. Let go. Listen to nature. Learn to quiet the mind and heart, and you won't cause yourself as much suffering because the more you remember who you are, the more you remember your purpose. The more you remember your purpose, the more you remember the creator. The more you remember the creator, the more you see the patterns and alignments.