Perfect day to talk about water! (Blue)

Water matters. Water is the only element that can be a liquid, solid, and gas in natural form. Water also has a different expansion rate and freeze rate.

If ALL water froze at 32 degrees, all aquatics would freeze to death. Instead, Water starts to freeze at 39.6 degrees, and that is why you get layers of protective ice. Even though it's stated, water freeze temp is 32 degrees officially. The makeup of water reveals truth as well. Water's structure is a tetrahedron. The sides of a tetrahedron are triangles that makeup up 180°. The boiling point minus the freezing point of water equals 180° Water rings also expand by the 4th root of pi. The circumference of any ring of water is the diameter of the fourth ring out from it!

Let's go deeper. The dielectric (having the property of transmitting electric force without conduction; insulating) value of pure water is 81 and is therefore 81 times more effective as a charge separator than a vacuum and almost the highest dielectric value there is. It may not be surprising that the Moon, which so heavily influences water, is linked to 81.

This is where it gets fun. The Earth is 81 times more massive than the moon. The mass of the Earth and Moon reveal all numbers in existence through decimal expansion!

Everything is connected, and the key is 9.

Learn the basics of water with spirit science and Dr. Emo

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