Using 9 As A Cipher ebook

I am very excited to announce that 9vibes now has an ebook on Amazon!!


Using 9 As A Cipher

The book consists of over 26 chapters of ancient knowledge; from understanding how frequency and vibration can heal your body, to awareness of how powerful sacred geometry and Plato's platonic solids are!

This book was created to put magic in the palm of your hands and will give you the answers you seek.

Follow each chapter one by one as you gain data through the teachings.

Next, apply the data to your life and alchemize knowledge.

Finally, share that knowledge with love, compassion, and kindness so that you, too, may gain wisdom.

Knowledge is the successful application of information through experience.

This book not only teaches you math, science, and religion but offers you real-life applications as I live this book every day! : )

Here are a few comments shared after reading my health story.

Wowww, what an amazing story! You are so brave not to live in fear anymore!! -- Marjolein K.

Devon, my brother, this is quite inspiring. You are a gift to humanity. Thanks for sharing this story to build our faith -- Dee S.

Devon kramer Inspiring determination and consciousness ,3,6,9. -- Elder S.

Thank you for sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration! -- Jennifer G

Thanks for sharing a deeper peak into your journey Devon. -- Tash Y.

This story is pure inspiration! -- Davis W.

Thank you to all those who have been with 9vibes since the beginning, and a massive appreciation shout out to Kaitlin, who made this all possible!!

If this book or any words in it have inspired you in any way, please help me share this link so that many may be inspired and helped as well. Thank you!

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