Truth and delivery of it

Pay attention to what you research as truth. If it is not universal for all it is not truth. Truth is undeniable, unmoved, and needs no defending. Look at you teachers, heros and guides in history they did not say "I can do this" they said "YOU can do this". As in universally, ALL.

The biggest problem with spirituality isn't the paths, its that everyone thinks they are an expert. But I tell you this if your path isn't a path anyone can take, it is an illusion created only for you. There is nothing wrong with this. But would you feed a man fish if he were allergic? Just because it works for you does not mean it works for all.

When you realize this, be still, open your heart and listen. You will hear the difference between those who teach unity and those who teach uniqueness. Both are wonderful but only one is truth.

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