The quantum lion king

The quantum answer = Disney +++ Anyone who has seen the Lion King can agree Mufassa was a great king. He understood the balance of life. He respected his position and he was kind. Mufassa, however did not share the truth with Simba about the Elephant Graveyard and the darkness. He only told young Simba "everything the light touches is your kingdom". When Simba asked about the dark part he was dismissed. Mufassa did not trust (-) his son(+) was ready for that knowledge

which created a void. Scar jealous with rage and living in lack filled that void with excitement about a dangerous subject. He did not give (-) Simba (+) truth only an illusion to get what he wanted. These choices led to Mufassa's death and to Simba feeling responsible. In a moment of fear Simba ran away. (- -) HAKUNA MATATA was his way of adding positivity to the negative. (+ -)

Now you can argue that Simba wouldn't have been the King he turned out to be if he didn't go through all that. Appreciating the dark for showing him the light. You can say that it is the journey of suffering that gave him the strength to rise to who he was meant to be. Or.. You can say that if Mufassa had trusted(+) and gave(+) his son(+) the knowledge he needed to make a informed decision. Mufassa, not only could have prevented his own death but raised a even greater king. One that did not have to suffer to grow, but who grew from his own energy (+). Because when you take a Simba (+) and give (+) him trust (+). He will make the best decision. This is the quantum answer. This is rising above duality for three positives are always better than a negative and a postive or even two positives.


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