Rising above duality

One person in your life taught you about duality. Good and evil. Light and dark.

From there you created the monsters in your life. You placed in the void of the unknown, fear.

This isn't a judgement. This is a wake up call.

If all it took was one belief, one spark to create all you fear in this world. Imagine what you can do with another spark.

Darkness is NOT the absence of light. Darkness is the outcome of seperation from the light. Black is simply another shade of light. If you don't believe me ask yourself ONE question.

How do you project black onto a screen? The projector does not dim to project black onto a screen. The projector projects light, and yet you see black.

Let go of the belief that they are in conflict with each other and you will release conflict within yourself.

Below you will see a white light on the cell phone against a brighter light behind it. Watch as the white light becomes black when the bigger light is turned on.


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