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Religion vs Spirituality

Many of you might recognize this picture, but now, imagine it with a shark added. This change offers a deeper insight into our spiritual journeys. For the fish in the bowl, the ocean represents a world of unknown dangers – sharks, predators, and humans – making the bowl seem like a safe haven. It embodies a feeling of security and a belief that it’s safer inside than out.

People often transition from religious practices to spiritual paths when they realize that staying in the 'bowl' is more harmful than facing potential dangers outside. This marks a pivotal moment where the fear of 'sharks' diminishes, and a belief in the power to shape one's own reality begins to grow.

For those still in their bowls, it’s vital to approach them with understanding and compassion. We must recognize that pushing them into the ocean of the unknown could intensify their fears rather than diminish them. If our true aim is to support then we should without adding to their fear.

A message of kindness.


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