Real Life lesson in how to use your 3rd eye

I would love to just download this knowledge to you but alas I can not. So all I can offer is you the chance to learn for yourself.

A real-life example of what seeing with your third eye is about.

My GF and I are moving and needed to clear space for the move, so we decided to have a garage sale. Mind you; I have never done this before.

We spent days going through stuff, organizing, tagging, and getting ready. Saturday morning, we were up at 3:30 am and setting everything up. Everything in this garage sale was divisible by 3,6, or 9. It was a great day, and things couldn't have gone better. We took things down and were ready to do it all again Sunday, but the universe had other plans.

Sunday morning at 4 am, we start again. It looks like a bit of rain was coming, so we set up the pop-up to protect things. I kept looking at my weather app and the sky, but my superb GF just kept saying it would be a good day and not to worry! At 5:00 am, it starts to sprinkle; at 5:04 am its's right pouring. We rushed to get everything in, but from this point of view, the garage sale is over. When you live in the desert, garage sales don't go past 10-11 am in the summer. So my GF and I stood in the garage and watched as it rained the hardest we have seen it in a year.

I'm going to pause here because the next part is where you see how to open your third eye and how it works.

Inside my mind, I thought should I cancel or should I wait it out and set up again? Kaitlin was voting to cancel, do it again next weekend, and go back to bed. Lol, I can't blame her; that seemed like a great option, but there was a tug that said that wasn't the most beneficial choice. (Notice I did not say "right" because it was right if the goal was to get more sleep, but it's not right if the goal is to try again after the storm.) I calmed my mind and asked myself which choice is fear and which is love.

There is an excellent song by Carie Undersood called Jesus take the wheel about letting go and letting god take over, but it never mentions how that also can be the biggest indication you are choosing fear over love. I'll show you why.

Kaitlin and I spent days cleaning out storage and going through boxes. We put in a lot of work, but it never felt like work because we kept our vibrations high and kept "seeing" the bigger picture. Yet, for this story, I'll say we put in a lot of effort and work. So why wouldn't the universe or creator meet us halfway?

To choose to "let go" and trust your higher being to take the wheel is saying, "I don't trust myself to make this turn." No matter how you spin it, that is choosing fear.

To choose to "shift" your mind to trusting yourself to take the wheel but lightly is saying, "I trust I will take the wheel, but if you " see" me driving toward a cliff you can steer me away. That is choosing love.

We chose to shift our minds to seeing today as a good day; we decided to shift our words to positive words, and our actions quickly followed.

The skies cleared in an hour or so, and we were back out setting up. About that time, a man, his wife, and a grandbaby came pulled up. The gentleman and I chatted, and he told me he was hoping and praying the things he needed were still here and that I didn't cancel because of the rain. They needed specific things and drove an hour to get here. They got everything they needed and more, the rest of the day was great and with the help of everyone we had a huge success!

So here is the ah-ha moment.

You will see things from one side; you will build a belief, thoughts, and reality by that one-sided view. You will also see things from both sides. You will know how you used to view things and see another way, a better way for you.

To use your third eye is to choose an even better choice for you, but you can't physically see it unless you imagine it! Trusting in what you can not see with your two eyes is what some call faith or manifest in the mind. I call it choosing with your heart.

Using your third eye is trusting that even though your left eye will show you one outcome and your right eye will project another outcome, you still choose to trust a more beneficial outcome to your life even though you can't see it with your two eyes.

You can't cheat this by doing rituals or chants. You can't trick the universe into doing this for you. You have to do it.

The quickest path to opening your third eye is first to close your two.

Listen to your mind, listen to your heart, listen to your body, and choose what you feel is the most beneficial.

I had a feeling that we weren't meant to cancel. Yet what I was seeing was a storm, my GF tired, and more work ahead. Closing my eyes and listening to all three parts of me made ot easy to feel, which was love and fear.

Get your 9vibes aligned.

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