Quantum Little Mermaid

Disney +++ The Little Mermaid Using

The Little Mermaid to show you the quantum solution. Ariel's father King Triton did not share knowledge(-) with Ariel(+). He did not share the truth about the world out of fear(-). He held back and only told her the negative. He added extra energy by forbidding her to seek more(- -).

This behavior created a vortex that pushed Ariel to rebel against her father. She knows he is not being completely truthful with her, and therefore she sets out to find her own truth. Ursula offers Ariel what her father would not. She offers her a better understanding, by making her human. Ursula does not have Ariel's best interest at heart. She uses her magic to grant wishes, with a high interest rate. She is angry(-) at those who take for granted what they have(- -). Since Ariel does not understand the dangers of the world she makes rash decisions endangering her life.

In the end Ariel got everything she wanted by overcoming the hard times(- +). She was able to mend (+) her relationship with her father creating a positive outcome! (++)

There is a better option, the quantum option. The quantum option is he could have trusted(+) his daughter(+), and gave(+) her the knowledge she needed to make the best decision possible. So that instead of trading her soul for a wish to be human. Her father could have given her that gift himself.

Since in the end, out of love, it was her father who turned her back into a human. He had the power to change the whole experience for the better by just trusting(+) his daughter(+) by giving(+) her knowledge.

Three +++ will always be better than ++.

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