Permission to be ill

There is a story in the Bible about how Jesus cast out a demon into a pig. The story tells of a demon possessed man that scared his town with his demonic behavior. When Jesus arrived he stepped to the man, and the man fell to his knees begging that Jesus doesn't send him away. The demon pleads with Jesus to allow him to go into a pig instead, so Jesus gives it permission.

What a powerful moment completely overlooked.

The demon needed permission from Jesus to enter the pig and leave the man. All three books that wrote about this experience agreed on that. Even a demon begging and pleading still needs permission. The demon can NOT enter the pig without it. Thus, it can NOT enter you, without permission. The story however is not about evil or demons but about sickness. Sickness can not be, where it has not been given permission to be. Sickness only lives in the living. And only the living can give it permission.

Find the 3,6,9.

3 story tellers (3) 3 books (Matthew, Mark, Luke) (3) Matthew(7 letters) Mark(4) Luke(4) =15(6) Chapters Matthew 8, Mark 5, Luke 8 =21(3) 1 demon possessed man in Mark and Luke (1) 2 demon possessed men in Matthew (2) 2,000 pigs in Luke (2) Leigon = (6 letters) (6) Permission = (10 letters) (1)

(3+3+6+3+1+2+2+6+1=27 27 (2+7= 9) 9 is a key to truth, follow it.

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