Methods to follow for connection to each other

There are a million places online that talk about Ancient Aliens, Gods, Goddess, AI, Quantum mechanics, Jesus, and more. If your goal is to teach people about these things that is great but this is not the place.

9vibes was created to teach the key of 9 and how to use it so you can apply it to the above.

Challenging beliefs, telling someone they are wrong, judging in this space isn't going to happen. This is a place to grow and question but it has a very specific purpose. All are welcomed to learn its up to you to receive.

If it is amazing information find a way to explain it so that others can enjoy! If you have truth and others don't receive it well. It is always the fault of the delivery. Why? Because truth is just pure truth. It needs no defending.

Keep your 9vibes aligned!

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