Let's talk about 42 part 1

Let's talk about 42!

Here are some awesome alignments with the number 42 before we dive into some conscious expanding ones!

1. Rainbows always emerge offset at an angle of 42° relative to the light source that creates them.

2. The number 10 can be mathematically partitioned exactly 42 different ways.

3. 42 is the answer in the Hitchklhikers guide to the galaxy when asked what the meaning of life is!

4. (shout out to Rachel for showing me this)

The secret to life is = MATH

(M= 13) (A=1) (T= 20) (H=8)


4. 3x14=42


5. Robert Grant discovered that 42 and its mirror 24 also revealed the same three digits in the answer. 42÷24=1.75


6. One last fun one; Google in gematria is 42!

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