I believe that there is truth in all, but not all is truth

Using nine as a light, I have gone back and searched for the truth. Here is one example:

The miracle of turning water into wine.

In the Bible, there is a story of Jesus turning water into wine. Jesus went to a wedding with his mother, and they ran out of wine. His mother mentioned it to him, but he replied by saying it was not his time. His mother spoke to the servants saying, "whatever he commands, you shall do." So he commanded the servants to fill the water jugs and tip one into a cup that was to be given to the host. The host said it was the best wine he had ever had.

It doesn't seem like much from the outside but dive deeper. The story mentioned six stone jugs that hold 20-30 gallons each. 1 galloon = 8lbs

8 x 30 = 240 lbs 240 x 6= 1,440lbs

Which if you remember, the Octahedron(air) total degrees is 1,440 The total amount of minutes in 24 hours is 1,440

So taking 1,440 minutes a day divided by 20 gallons is 72. Seventy-two hours is three days.

3 is a powerful number in the Bible and often used when talking about Jesus. I would love to hear people's feedback just know I'm not for or against Jesus. I wasn't there when he lived; I go off the knowledge from the different sources. This isn't a religious post, nor an anti-religious one.

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