Happy Halloween!

Did you know Halloween is connected to an energy vortex?

I recently taught a class about Financial energy cycles, and on day two, I taught about Energy Days and Energy Holidays.

We think our holidays are arbitrary, but I'll show you that isn't the case, using today as an example.

October 31st is a holiday we call Halloween, and we can easily see this holiday is about the opposite side of love. (Not negative, just different side of the pole)

This pole pulls energy, and thus we have Halloween.

In America, we have another holiday that is called the 4th of July! This holiday is about celebration and pushes energy into the world!

(America knew the importance of energy and chose this day to sign the Declaration of Independence but this is not just for America. This energy is cosmic, not locational!

These dates were chosen because of their connection with the cosmos. You see, Pluto has a 246-day orbit cycle, and 246 days AFTER Oct 31st is......

July 4th!

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I do not just teach these things; I apply them myself! : )


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