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Great Septennial Year

2024 is a significant year for an energy shift!

It marks the end of a 4,543-year cycle known as the Great Septennial Year, completing a full cycle of 649 years multiplied by 7.

This cycle is the reason we have seven days in a week. Multiplying 7 by 360 gives us 2,520 years.

Saros cycles, which are approximately 18 years long, are instrumental in predicting eclipses. Over approximately 2,520 years, which equals 120 Saros cycles, eclipse characteristics will repeat.

Subtracting 4,543 from 2024 takes us back to 2019 BC, with the starting year of this cycle being 2520 BC.

The year 2024 is also a leap year, which will amplify the energy. Additionally, the Sun is undergoing a pole shift, an event that happens every 22 years.

This burst of energy is expected to cause a star to go supernova, revealing a frequency never seen before.

This phenomenon relates to how Marie Curie discovered the X-ray, as she was exposed to a previously unseen frequency.

The new frequency will enable the development of technology based on morality rather than arbitrary numbers. This technology will signal the beginning of a new shift.

All these events are in alignment with the upcoming eclipses as well.


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