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Fisher Among Men

If you could control every fish in the sea, you could easily make them jump onto your hook or boat. But would that truly be satisfying?

In survival mode it's necessary but there is little joy to be found in survival mode.

When you shift from survival to security, from lack to abundance and from fear to love you start to appreciate the joy of fishing.

This imagery leads us to a profound lesson about life and influence, inspired by the words of Jesus about being a fisherman among men.

The real joy in fishing, and indeed in life, isn't in exerting control or force. It isn't about being right or more importantly for some pointing out wrong.

It's about patience, understanding, and appreciating the natural course of events.

Just as a skilled fisherman/woman waits for the fish to come to the hook, we too should learn to appreciate the purpose of letting things unfold in their own time.

This metaphor extends to our interactions with others. Rather than forcing our views or desires onto people, we should let them be, embracing their unique journeys.

The moment of connection, when they choose to come to connect with us, is where the true joy lies. It's not about the end goal, but about finding happiness in their journey, not just our own.


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