Everything about your spiritual walk is about YOU

Everything about your spiritual walk is about YOU

Imagine this for a moment. Take a deep breath in and remember..

Remember the moment you desired more than anything in your life to believe in something. This could be after a traumatic experience, an intense breakup, or breakdown, a change in career or a loss of someone. Whatever the cause, YOU are the effect. You woke yourself up. Waking up to the reality of your life is exciting and uncomfortable. We don't have words for these feelings so we label them as anxiety and painful. A good portion of people can't handle feeling this because they believe it is happening to them. So they try anti anxiety medicine, or anything to numb the feeling. But let me tell you a secret... You asked for this and this is YOU. You are feeling all the pain, suffering, depression and sadness you stuffed down for years from your childhood. As you feel these raw emotions you understand at a core level that billions feel the same things. Thus you start your journey of service to others.

Nothing outside yourself woke you up. You won't find your answers in books or old lessons. You can spend years searching for this answer only to find it was you all along or you can receive this message now. You are bigger, grander, and more powerful than you think. You spoke to the universe in a language it understood. You used emotion and feeling and it responded.

Ask and ye shall receive


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