Death in a new light

Death is one of the hardest fears we all struggle with because death is entirely unknown. I can not speak for anyone, but I can tell you what I experienced was so loving, so peaceful, and so enlightened that I no longer fear death.

I don't believe that what created this universe would pick and choose who to give this experience to and who not to give this to. I was not a very good person before my NDE. I was very unhappy inside and out. I also was on a lot of pain medication for multiple kidney stones over the years. By all accounts, I feared death because I wasn't 100% sure I got to go to heaven.

Yet, in my final moments, whatever designed this experience gave me everything I needed not to be afraid. I felt my chakras align and understood that death is not to be feared.

It was like getting my first pair of glasses; now that I could see better, I could make sense of my world.

Then I learned about Nikola Tesla and his 3,6 and 9 quote, and I was introduced to the number nine.

You see, nine is neutral. It doesn't judge; it doesn't care what you vote for or what you believe. It is universal, and it is in everything!

Our whole universe was built using the number nine. Benfords law is a proven theory to explain that random is not possible in this reality. Benfords law only works with 9 options.

Nine is the digital root of alignment in time and every platonic solid. Three, six, and nine are the digital root of all seven chakra frequencies, and 3+6=9!

Nine will lead your life and guide you where you want to go because all it has to do is choose to be seen, and it can guide you.

This is the great mystery behind the Kabbalah; the unseen to the seen teachings.

I wanted to create a place that embraced every walk of life by helping every person find the nine and harmony on their path, so they do not have to change anything.

Be who you are! Just align a little more! : )

Get your 9vibes aligned!