Always accept the 1%

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

This message will heal your heart if you open it enough to receive it.

If you are suffering from a breakup of one year or a divorce after 18 years. This message is for you.

You are 1% more at fault than the other. If you have a scale of balance, 50% your responsibility, 50% their fault, but you need to make a choice. Place 1% more on your side.

This is how you heal. If you give the other just 1% more, you give them your energy. You tip the scale toward them, giving them everything.

This is why you declare to move on in the day, but call them at night. This is why even after years of pain and sadness, you still go back. You gave them something that you needed to grow.

Think of it this way.

They were or became the clown in your life, but you continued to buy the ticket to the circus. You continued to go to the show again and again. If you can own even that choice you can place that 1% where it belongs.

I am not here to upset or hurt anyone. I am only here to help you heal; what good does it do you or myself to continue living in the delusion that is causing your suffering. There is a better way to live, and it starts with that 1%.

To choose yourself is to love yourself, and to love yourself is to heal.

As my girlfriend says: "Karma is not something you can make happen, but if you trust in karma, it might just let you watch."

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