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9 Day

Crown Chakra Day!

Chakra Essentials:

  • Color: Purple

  • Frequency: 963Hz (shortest, fastest, most energetic)

  • Hypothalamus Gland

Aligning with the Crown Chakra is about understanding the fear in your life. To grasp our individual fears, we must first acknowledge the universal ones: fear of the Creator, fear of the afterlife, and fear of physical pain. Consider how difficult it is to fully appreciate life if you're uncertain about the intentions of what created it, or how you can find peace without assurance of what comes after.

These deep-rooted fears, if unaddressed, can manifest as physical suffering. Therefore, transforming the fear in your life starts with reevaluating your relationship with your creator.

Remember, it doesn't matter whether you believe in God, Goddess, Source, Spirit, or the Universe. The term 'Creator' is a placeholder for whatever force laid down the codes, mathematics, and patterns of our existence. By understanding and embracing the concept of co-creation, you can unlock all that you desire! Gy9VA

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