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8 Day!

Happy Third Eye Chakra Day, also known as the 8th day!

Third Eye Chakra:

  • Color: Indigo

  • Frequency: 852Hz

  • Pineal/Pituitary Gland

The Third Eye is about insight beyond ordinary sight. It's not just about what you see, but about trusting the unseen. Many misconceptions exist, like expecting superpowers like Cyclops from X-Men. In reality, it's about perceiving beyond the binary, seeing all sides, and understanding with hindsight.

Every choice we make is based on love or fear. After we decide, we look back and think about whether we like the result or not. It's similar to how a computer has an on/off switch, but we have more options than just on or off.

In the world of tiny particles, there's a special kind of gate that gives us three choices: on, off, or something in-between. These three options mean we have more than just two paths to take. The Third Eye, a spiritual concept, tells us to think about these multiple paths and be open to new experiences. "What I see, isn't what I see, it is what I need to see, to grow and be me" - someone loved

Apply the numbers 1-9 to all 26 letters of the alphabet. For "Third Eye":

  • T+H+I+R+D + E+Y+E = 28994575 (Digital root of 4)

  • Reverse the number: 57,549,982

  • Reverse and subtract: 57,549,982 - 28,994,575 = 28,555,407 (Digital root of 9)

Reversing the numbers unveils previously unseen options. This is like using your third eye!

While not all is truth, there's truth in all. The Third Eye helps you discover hidden realities and understand the world in new dimensions! Gy9VA

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