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7 Day

Good morning! Today is day 7, also known as throat chakra day!

Your voice is your vibration. The words you speak create a negative or positive impact on your environment. If you speak negatively, you'll perceive your environment as dangerous, and your body will start fighting things that aren't there.

But if you speak positively, you'll perceive your environment as supportive and safe, and your body will use its energy to grow and enhance. There are many posts about speaking your truth, but what people don't understand is that if you consciously speak your truth knowing it will hurt someone, you send a vibration through your words that tells your cells you are still in danger.

Your brain and body are locked in a dark room, and your perception is the only way they know what's happening outside and how to react. If your truth hurts another, you only hurt yourself.

Truth is not a weapon; it is a light. You can use your truth to blind those who you think hurt you, or you can use it to light a path for those who hurt you, so they stop repeating in the dark. You can take your light and shine it right back at those who burned you, or you can humble yourself and shine it on the ground for those to see their own steps.

This message is personal for everyone. If it stirs feelings in you, sit with them. Feelings exist for a reason; they are meant to make you move, and act. Feelings come from within and radiate out, and emotions come from outside and pull you in that direction.

Today is about speaking your truth with kindness because, without kindness, it isn't truth; it's just anger. If you can't shine your light yet, that's okay. You are exactly where you are meant to be.

True enlightenment isn't about reaching anywhere; it's knowing that where you are is exactly where you are meant to be and appreciating how much you've gone through just to be here.


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Thank you for these gentle reminders. Its is a true pleasure to not only create my reality but co-creatimg witu others through these types of outlets. What a pleasure. Love and light to all ♥️✨️

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