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5 Day

Color: Yellow

Frequency: 528hz Gland: Pancreas

Directly connected to your digestive system.

The Solar Plexus, radiant in its yellow color, vibrates at 528Hz and is intimately linked to your digestive system. Throughout your life, you've been eating without true awareness, mindlessly consuming. Today marks the shift to conscious nourishment. For those who've delved into my post about DNA activation, here's your practical application.

What you eat isn't the problem; rather, it's your awareness while eating that transforms the experience.

As you explore energy work, you'll uncover an intelligent system beyond your sensory perception. Imagine a fish, unaware of the water it swims in; similarly, you're moving through an unseen energy.

Science made the error of only seeking understanding externally rather than looking within. By considering ourselves the top of intelligence, we closed off learning from seemingly lesser entities.

However, appreciation is an energy that unlocks life's mysteries, including our relationship with food. The more you appreciate the more you will receive answers to your personal questions about what you should or shouldn't eat.

Consider Star Wars' Yoda, who didn't die but merged back into the cosmic energy. The act of thankfulness paves the path of the energy that enters your body. Today, start by offering a heartfelt "thank you" to your food, no matter what's on the plate!

Get your 9vibes aligned!

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