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3 Day

Three days are Root chakra days!

  • Color: red

  • Frequency: 396 Hz

  • Connected to your adrenal gland

Did you know red is the longest and slowest frequency of all seven colors. It is the longest and slowest, but it also has the least amount of energy. (See image below) A great way to imagine this is your root chakra is like dial-up internet. Even with the best intentions, it will take patience and time to get to where you want to go.

The reason that the color red represents your root chakra is that it is also the longest and slowest process to get through. Your root chakra is the root of who you think you are; it is your perceived identity. Your root chakra is where your ego thrives because for every identity you label yourself, your ego becomes more valuable to you.

You cannot define yourself as something without defining yourself as anti-something. For example, you cannot be anti-war and pro-violence at the same time. You cannot be an empath and view yourself as a narcissist simultaneously. The choice of a label is drawing a line in the sand stating you are separating yourself from someone else, and every time you do this, it costs you.

It will cost you experience and understanding you could have gained from the other side, leaving you always in the dark. This is why a great place to start your chakra journey is to say, "I am no thing so that I can experience and understand everything."

We may start at dial-up, but keep upgrading yourself, and you'll be connecting at 5G speeds in no time!

Get your 9vibes aligned!

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