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Time travel

Understanding what you are dealing with is a great method to transforming the fear in your life into understanding.

Depression does not exist in your present moment. The only way to be depressed is if something happened to you. This situation can be far in the past or as recent as a second ago. Yet, the moment it happens, it is no longer the present moment.

Depression is time travel; first, you travel back into time to relive a moment; next, you bring the person you were in that moment back into your present moment.

Anxiety is when you travel forward into time, create what you think will happen, and bring that person back to the present.

Just like a rocket can not leave this earth without a great deal of fuel, so too do you need fuel to travel.

The fuel used to time travel to depression and anxiety is your energy. This is why depressed and anxious people get sick easier, get tired quicker, and feel drained.

Every time you go back in time or forward in time, you change. Yet your perception is that others changed, not you. This creates divides between the depressed and anxious and those who love them.

If you leave earth and travel faster than the speed of light, you can age a day, while those on earth age a year—travel for a week, and those on earth age seven years. You can not return after seven years and expect nothing to have changed.

Every time we travel through time, we change. The longer we stay in the past or future, the more it changes us.

Start becoming aware of your energy, and become the astronaut of your life.

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Absorbing the stars

Stargazing has been a powerful practice throughout all of history and here is why.
When you stand outside on a clear night and “drink in the beauty” of the stars, think of this.
You can see the stars because light waves produced In the fiery infernos of the star’s bodies are traveling all the way across space and physically entering your eye, activating retinal pigments, creating electric currents, and sending nerve signals to your brain. The energy from the star has actually entered the matter of your body and is moving through it, interacting with it, changing it, and producing responses in it. It becomes part of you. Epic right?
But there’s more…
From a star that is, say, 1,000 light-years away, its light takes 1,000 years to reach your eye! So what you are seeing is what that star was like 1,000 years ago! The star may now be quite different from the ‘now’ you see which is really its past. This 1,000-year-old energy information that’s been altered along the way by what it passes through, is entering your eyes and affecting you. And a galaxy one million light-years away is sending you one-million-year-old energy information. Making the whole night sky is a mosaic of the past histories of all history from 4 years ago (Alpha Centauri) to billions of years ago, and your physical body is absorbing and responding to it, all at one glance!
Sometimes you need to expand the barrier of what is possible, to see what is truly possible.



Nothing bad will ever touch them ever again.
Nothing good will either.

This is a quote from a tv show called Haunting on Hillhouse. There is so much truth in that show hidden in the shadows of fear.

Recently I have seen a lot of posts about duality and unity being at odds with each other. I would like to illuminate this with another perspective.

Living this life aware or unaware does not change the fabric of your reality.

Whether you see code, numbers, patterns, light, energy, or nothing does not change how you see the world; it only changes how you see yourself in it.

In the sky above are stars. Their lives and your lives are not that different at all. Inside a star is where carbon burns, and you are made of carbon!

This is one of the great secrets behind 666.
Carbon has six electrons, six protons, and six neutrons.

Carbon comes with a catch, though; it burns at such a high temperature that the intense heat generates high-energy photons, which can turn into pairs of electrons and anti-electrons, or you might know them as points in duality.

These points repel against each other until, from the friction, they create neutrinos and antineutrinos, which zip out of the star, rob it of energy, and do nothing to hold it up against gravity.

Neutrinos are ghosts of energy blinded by their own light and no longer saw the value of staying to help the star. They ascended alone.

Anti neutrinos are ghosts of energy that lived and died according to the photons that they saw. They became so afraid of their existence they left.

Because of neutrino losses, once carbon ignites, the star has no more than a few thousand years to live.

The star then begins burning every fuel it has until it runs out of options. The last reactions left within the star forge iron, which is a dead-end, as the star can make no more nuclear fusion energy from just iron. With nothing to support it, the core collapses.
This final moment creates a supernova explosion!

The star then has a choice to decide to become a black hole and find a way back to the point of singularity by starting over or becoming a neutron star!

A neutron star gives everything that comes in contact with it a gift of itself. It scatters across the universe, shining a light never seen before in its wake.

(This is where we learned about gamma rays and X-rays was from a neutron star)

The part you do not see yet is that you are a carbon copy of the cosmos. You are connected, you are designed, and you are loved.

As above, below, and within!
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Many people ask, since there are two columns of numbers to choose from, how do we know that we chose the correct numbers for our chakra frequencies?

I'm going to show you one place you can find the answer to that.

Look to the stars.

For most of a star's life, it does a dance of turning hydrogen into helium. Once the hydrogen runs out, the helium ignites, creating carbon and oxygen.

Hydrogen atomic number 1 is converted into Helium atomic number 2. = 3
(6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons) 6+6+6=18(9)
(8 electrons, 8 protons, 8 neutrons) 8+8+8=24(6)

396 is the frequency of your root chakra!

As above, so below. As below, so above.


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