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Understanding the ego

For those who are seeking deeper, let's talk about your ego.
Your ego is the energy that kept you alive while you lived your life asleep or unconscious. If you did not have an ego, you would put everything above yourself. If you put everything about yourself subconsciously, you would not live very long. If you run up to every tiger, sooner or later, chances are one would eat you.
Your ego is your greatest teacher. It shows you who you are from a physical desire standpoint. It does not care about the metaphysical, spirit, or mind. It simply wants to exists and to do that; it must stay alive.
Your ego has saved you many times; it has pulled you out of the fire more times than it can count, only to have you blame it for the burns you received.
Your awakening process is the moment you become aware of your ego. Your journey through your seven chakras is about shining a light through them, clearing the fear out of them so that your ego has nowhere to hide.
The ego can only live in fear; it thrives on the energy you produce when you are afraid because that is where it believes it shines. It thinks it is the hero of your life.
The problem with that is if you don't have a villain in your story, you can not be a hero. Batman isn't much of a badass if Gotham is full of honest, loving people. Your ego uses the energy of fear in your life to create a villain so it can play the hero.
Awakening is about awareness, and the first thing you need to become aware of; is that there are two energies within you that believe they ARE you.
Have you ever seen a picture of a kundalini? Two snakes that move and intertwine along your spine? This is a representation of this message. Once you become aware, you can begin healing a side of you that you were not aware existed.
Most people who first become aware of their ego set out on a journey to kill, fight, blame, or destroy it. This is what the Matrix movies are about.
This will never work because here is the truth about your ego and this life. There is only one way to transform your fear into understanding and your ego into unity, and that is love. Loving yourself isn't about looking in the mirror and loving the image; it is about looking at your past and forgiving yourself for the choices made in a state of unawareness.
To no longer judge is to understand, but to no longer desire to judge is to love. That message is not about the external world as much as it is about the internal struggle within you.
When you befriend your ego and appreciate it for all it's done, you learn from it. This shifts the darker part of you that ran on the fear of not existing into a energy of understanding. Your ego now sees that there is more to life than just surviving. This revelation turns dark into light, and the two merge. The longer you spend fighting your ego, the longer you stay in the dark.
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