Experience the 9!

Remember, time is simply our way of counting movements through space. The purpose of living a 9vibe calendar is to get you aligned!
There is only one step in living a nine 9vibes calendar, and that is being aware of days that have a digital root of three, six, and nine. Using digital root math, you add the month, day, and year and don't stop adding until you have one remaining digit. That digit is your day!
If today was 10/30/2021
1+0+3+0+2+0+2+1= 9!!
Today is a nine-day! It's that simple!
If we had nine days a week and thirty-six day months, everything aligns in balance with the Precession of the Equinox.
9 days a week
4 weeks
36 days a month (every month has the same 3,6 and 9 days)
12 months
432 days a year
5 cycles of constellations and moon cycles
2,160 days in one zodiac
12 zodiacs
25,920 days in one complete cycle of darkness to illumination
Living in this alignment will teach you about your seven metaphysical chakra points that directly correlate with your glands and endocrine system. You will learn about connections to nature using energy as well as unite us across time and distance.
Being aware of what day you are on will raise your frequency, vibration, and energy to ignite your DNA, so your RNA will finally scan your DNA with enough light and clarity to produce cells that will heal your body and mind!
If everyone followed a 9vibe calendar, we could raise the global consciousness without a single person changing their belief system.
Numbers aren't biased; they don't care what you believe. : )
Get your 9vibes aligned!