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Crown Chakra

Find your path down below

Crown chakra
Color: Purple/Violet
Frequency: 963hz
Connected to your Hypothalamus
Violet holds the most energy (5G is ultraviolet) that is visible by the human eye. It also has the shortest length and is the fastest of the other seven.
Clearing the energy from your crown chakra means clearing out all fear in your life. This process can be done in days, months, or years; the choice is always up to you!
There are many methods to transform fear.
One method is to understand the fear. Being raised in the church, I am not a newbie to fear. I used to be afraid of everything, literally everything. If you have ever seen the movie Page Master, you will understand who I used to be. Lol
Fear is only that which we do not understand. Fear can only live in the illusion of separation because that illusion creates a void for fear to hide in. Everyone in their lives has created a separation from their fellow neighbors, be it by color, status, viewpoint, religion, or a number of things.
Today pick someone in your life you separated yourself from out of fear and try to understand them.
You do not need to engage with them to understand them. Thanks to ultraviolet data, you can find a book, an article, a post, or simply use your imagination but try to see another side.
The more sides you see, the more you will understand. The more you understand, the less you will fear.
Below I have created nine songs that have all seven chakra frequencies overlayed. Listening to just one of these songs will charge your chakras today!
Let's unblock and walk together!
Later fear!
Get your 9vibes aligned!

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