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Charge your water!

Experience the 9!

Charge your water!
We talk about frequencies all week but today, let's talk about frequency and water!
Take a set of headphones and play the frequency for the day for 30 minutes on water that you are going to drink. Not only is water receptive to the frequency, but it also has memory. This has been proven by freezing snowflakes after playing frequencies or speaking directly to water.
Here you will see even more amazing proof! This water has been charged at 528hz for 30 minutes, and after 48 hours sitting, the water still has a frequency of 528hz. There are many people on YouTube with high-end equipment who proved this, but all you need is a set of headphones or earbuds and a bottle of water!
Today charge your water at 396hz and feel the difference as the water in your body and cells respond!
This isn't my technology; this just proves what I've been talking about when talking about frequencies.
P.s. please do not put ear buds or any electronics in the water.
Get your 9vibes aligned!

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