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Unlock The World Of Learning

Are you ready to get the most out of your training? This is your alignment! 9Vibes training courses are designed to give you the best learning experience- no matter where you are in the world.

What will you receive when you sign up for our training courses?

  • An email two weeks before the course start with details about the upcoming course session.

  • An email the morning of the course start with the zoom link to join live via video, voice, or chat.

  • A recording of the course with all training materials, emailed the same day.

  • A custom PDF of each course slideshow.

  • Three exercises and a quest at the end of each course to test what you've learned.

  • A personalized certificate to show you've completed the training course!

We aim to ensure you receive the most out of your training experience; that's why we've designed our courses to be fun, easy, and inspiring! What are you waiting for? Sign up today and unlock the world of learning!​

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      What Courses Will You Unlock

  • Techno-Spiritual Chakras

Dive into the ancient art of energy healing by exploring the power of energy points along the spine. These points, used for centuries to heal physical and emotional ailments, can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the universe. Unlock the power of this ancient system through modern technology and daily practices, allowing you to create a life of harmony and balance.

  • Nine Reasons To Love Math

Embark on an incredible journey into the captivating world of mathematics! Explore the mysterious Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence, discover the hidden power of Digital Roots and Ouroboros Math, and unlock the secrets of the universe with the tools of Nikola Tesla's 3,6, and 9. Delve into the depths of the remarkable number nine, uncovering its wonders and marvels that have captivated minds for centuries. Join an adventure through the complex and fascinating world of mathematics!

  • Exploring Quantum Technology

Embark on a journey of quantum discovery as we delve into the spiritual and energetic aspects of energy and vibrations. Uncover the concept of energy and power being transferred through space via resonance, as proposed by Nikola Tesla. Dive into space-time and light exploring the realms beyond our physical reality. Learn how to access and use your own vibrational energy and frequencies to manifest your desires and connect to the universe. Return from your expedition with a greater understanding of quantum technology and its potential to revolutionize your life.​

  • Love As Energy

Love is an unrivaled force, one that has the power to transform our lives in ways only seen by scientific phenomena. Harness the spiritual energy of love to create positive change and tap into the relations between energy and ourselves, traversing through the theories of Nikola Tesla and Vortex Mathematics. Explore the physical and emotional properties of energy and how we can use them to manifest our goals and desires. Conclude with a deeper understanding of how love and energy can bring us connection, abundance, and joy.​

  • Kinetic Elements Playtime

Embrace a world of kinetic energy, Platonic Solids, and the five elements to uncover the power of creative collaboration! Discover the secrets of motion and energy as you explore how kinetic energy can be used to move objects, generate electricity, and create motion. Delve into the connections of the Platonic Solids and the five elements, and find out how the power of creative collaboration can create something truly unique. ​

  • Beyond Belief: Exploring Spiritual Technologies​

Embark on a journey beyond belief of discovery and exploration into the spiritual technologies of the ancient world. Unlock the wonders of the ancient pyramids, the mathematical brilliance of Pythagoras, the power of frequencies and sound, and the secrets of the cosmos. Uncover the mathematics and science behind the phenomena to create practical transformation and exploration of our lives. Traverse the ancient wisdom of the past to create a brighter future, unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

And Many More...

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