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Start with charging up!

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Next join the 9-Day-7-Chakra Journey!

Get your 9vibes aligned
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The world you see today is a product of misalignment. We don't align with nature, with each other, or with the universe. 9vibes chakra journey is about getting back in alignment. Alignment with your body, mind, spirit, nature, and each other.
On days three, six, and nine we kick off with a morning mediation! I hope you will join us!

One Day & Frequency (Thought)

The color of Day one is white! Just focussing on white can help align your thoughts to begin your chakra journey.

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 Two Day & Vibration Day

The color of Two Day is multi--color! Dressing in a mix of colors or simply eating colorful foods helps motivate you to start your chakra journey!


Three Day & Root Chakra

​The color of the three day is red! Dressing in red, eating red foods and looking at the color red will charge up your root chakra!
Don't forget to meditate 3, 6, 9!

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Four Day & Sacral Chakra

The color of the four day is orange ! Wearing orange and focusing on the color orange is a great way to get intune with yourself and your sacral chakra!

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Five Day & Solar Plexus

The color of the five day is yellow! Safely sun gazing or tuning into the color yellow today is the goal! Eating yellow veggies and fruits also helps!

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Six Day & Heart Chakra

​The color of six-day and the one you want to focus on today is green! Wearing green, eating green, and seeing green are keys to charging your chakra today!
Don't forget to meditate 3, 6, 9!

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Seven Day & Throat Chakra

The color for seven day is blue! Seeing blue helps awaken and bring attention to your throat chakra!

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Eight Day & Third Eye Chakra

The color of the eight-day is indigo! Today is about manifesting your reality by focusing on the color indigo! A great way to become aware is to find indigo colors in nature and around you!

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Nine Vibe Day & Crown Chakra Day

The color of the nine-day is violet! Rise above the fear in your life today by using the 9 energy! The color for today is violet/purple. Eating veggies and fruits rich in this color will help charge your chakra!

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