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Everything 137

137 is the most profound number in mathematics. Physicist have lost their mind trying to understand this number. It is fundamentally tied to every key part of life and yet no one knows why. Untill now..


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In the beginning = 137
137 = planks constant
Planks constant is the physics of the start of everything.
137 is the moment a atom in a quantum state chooses to obsorb or repel light.
137 is the age Abraham bound his son
(Many other biblical mentions)
137 is the number of atoms in a human blood cell
137 is the number of atoms in a chlorophyll cell.
137 is half of the first triangle found in vortex math
137649 = Alpha
862350 = Omega
1.37 is the age of the universe
1/37 = 0.027027027027... forever
1/27 = 0.037037037037... forever
Yellow Brick Road = 731


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