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Sacred Geometry


Down the rabbit hole we go

Digital roots are one of the first things you will want to learn before starting this 9vibe chakra journey.

Digital roots are where you take any set of numbers and add the final digits to reveal one singular digit.
To find out what day we are on in our 9-day chakra journey, test your skill.


About Devon

Nine is a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific world. Aligning with nine not only changes your life but reveals hidden magic from nature, time, and beyond.9vibes teaches you how to align your life using nine as a guide in everyday life."change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change."

​My name is Devon, and I created nine vibes. To tell you a little about me, I was raised Christian and have been in and out of churches my whole life. It wasn't until I had an NDE that everything changed. My NDE was one of the most powerful things that have happened to me. It opened my eyes to what experience is like outside of time. I no longer saw the world the same. Duality was becoming an illusion, and thus, I started my spiritual journey into the unknown. I came across Nikola Tesla's quote about 3, 6, and 9; that is where my rabbit hole begins. I started focusing on healing myself and healing my shadow. I read the Kybalion, Zohar, Kaballah and researched the Emerland Tablets and the Bible. After six years of studying, learning, receiving, and growing, this site is a nine knowledge accumulation.
Everything on this page has come from my consciousness during or after mediation. 
By yourself, you are everything, but without another, you are no thing.
After I went within, I came back out into the world. I applied nine vibes to my life. I focused on following nines and aligning my mediations. I met my future partner by following nines; they led me to a woman that understands me, supports me, and sees the nines as well. I am a family guy who looks forward to starting a family of his own. I love everything that lifts your vibration, energy, and frequency! I am here to help in any way I can, and I love being of service!
Get your 9vibes aligned!


Finding nine everywhere

"If you knew the significance of 3,6 and 9 you would have the keys to universe" Nikola Tesla


Find the hidden codes

To unlock the treasure of your life.


Understanding your ego

The journey from soul, to go, and back to soul again.



Nine is found in everything from scripture, to ancient books.


The above of as above

Travel the cosmos to understand your life.

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The paths

Choose wisely

Kids Inspiration

Teach em young.

On this page and journey, you will find information that is designed for a kid to understand. Learning about alignments, chakras, mind, body, and heart isn't just for adults. This place is kid-friendly and learning-friendly!

Adult Application

Teach em how

This path is for the adult who takes the information and knowledge here and wants to know how to apply it.

Advanced Adventure

Teach em to teach others

There is knowledge on site that is specifically created for the student who wants to move from student to teacher. These posts will challenge you, and help you see through the illusions of life to elevate you quicker.


















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